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  1. therarebirdshow

    SOLD 6'0 (29.4L) Pyzel Shadow – Dark Arts – $700 (OC/LA)

    I bought the board knowing it would probably be a little small for me, but wanted to try the DA construction (I dig it!). Even undervolumed, the board goes. But I picked up a Ghost, and now when the waves are good that's what I gravitate toward. It's in excellent shape, with one small...
  2. therarebirdshow

    SOLD – 6'10" Rusty Slayer – $300 – OC/LA

    Great board in super clean condition. Used as a step up but it’s a little boaty for me, especially as it’s EPS/Epoxy. 6’10 x 20.75 x 2.875 x 43L
  3. therarebirdshow

    6'4" Stamps GXRT – $250 – OC/LA

    Sweet step up or bigger guy shortboard from the erbbs favorite – Big Time Timmy Jim Stamps. Good volume under the chest with a pulled in tail, so it paddles like a champ and handles real waves. Bought as a half-step when I lived in the Bay Area, but I'm looking for something a little smaller...
  4. therarebirdshow

    Sold - 5'11 Junod Single Fin - $500

    Selling my Junod single fin. Also open to trades – twin fins and other sh!t like that. 5'11 x 20 7/8 x 2 3/8
  5. therarebirdshow

    Stamps Flare 5'9 [SOLD]

    Basically new, aside from a busted fin box that was professionally repaired by Jeff Beck of Nine Lights. Great board, I just haven't been riding thrusters. Hope someone will give it the love it deserves. erBB discount $275...