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    Shingles Vaccine.. Yay or Nay?

    My response to the two Shingrix shots was feeling like I had the flu but only for one day after each one.
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    MLB 2022

    norcal tips our hat to y'all in SD
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    Greg Griffin RIP

    RIP Greg. Thank you for this magical board.
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    Creepiest surf spots

    ^Yes, those boils on the left at Davenport make it the creepiest local spot for me. I don't mind padding Waddell during the pre-dawn dark but those boils at Davenport can do weird stuff between waves — water suddenly surging burping up...ugh.
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    *** The Official What Movies Are You Streaming Thread ***

    thanks for suggesting this movie, my family really liked it.
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    Shingles Vaccine.. Yay or Nay?

    Totally I got shingles in my thirties. Was at the SC boardwalk with my kids and started feeling sick and felt small bumps on my forehead. At first the bumps seemed like small insect bites but then enlarged and I thought I had poison oak. The bumps got bigger and really started to hurt. Went to...
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    2020 can fck off!

    Congrats dude and best wishes
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    Single Fins

    My favorite combo for <6 foot single fin short boards has been simple panel vee increasing from entry to tail. Round tail, wide point up a couple of inches, crisp edge rail tuck, and a >7" TA template Bonzer fin. I tried a lot of different fins, and the Bonzer fin in a single has worked great...
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    Detailed Pyzel Dims

    Steve Coletta's website has a cool rundown comparing shortboard rockers and foils from 1990 and 2000 as well as beyond. His website is minimalist but is bursting with design information. As a side note, he's one of the nicest and most articulate shapers around...
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    LA 80's Punk Scene

    Fender's Ballroom. Saw so many good shows there as a teenager. Saw so many crazy suicidal and skinhead fights too. Never forget leaving an MDC show a bit early to get home by my curfew and there was a big line of Long Beach PD in helmets and with sticks waiting for the show to end. What a great...
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    Shortboard thruster rockers 1980 - early 90s.

    For the OP, the Orbelian "Essential Surfing" book has nose-to-tail numbers for the rockers of 80's thrusters from CI, Rusty, and others. For the last couple of years I have been making myself 80s style shortboards based on the examples in the book with flat/slight vee entry to vee out the tail...
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    Surfer Car Break Ins Increasing in SF

    The other day at OBSF the car next to me had one. Noticed because I have not seen or used one in over a decade or so.
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    Fins for sale - Price Drop

    Fins arrived and are perfect. Thanks:shaka:
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    2020 can fck off!

    Congrats. Children are a blessing. Savor when they are young and cute. Make sure he plays little league.
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    MLB Official thread 2020

    Wow - straight up Little League ending. Not sure if it would have made a difference but Jensen needs to be backing up the catcher in that situation. Pitchers can get lazy.
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    What OTR surfboard should I buy? WE HAVE A WINNER!!!!!

    ^Hah this too. Call them. They usually have about a dozen Parmenters of his different models. Usually clear glassing and affordable.
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    What OTR surfboard should I buy? WE HAVE A WINNER!!!!!

    ^This. They usually have one in the racks. Also, Ventura Surf Shop is one of the best mom & pop shops with everything from hipster to performance otr. I always stop there when driving from socal to norcal. A great place to find something otr..
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    Fins+ garage sale

    Thanks guys :shaka:
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    Alex Knost?

    Traded waves and briefly chatted with him when he was surfing Pleasure P. a few years ago. Respectful visitor and cool in the water. Talented surfer.
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    Fins+ garage sale

    Prices include domestic USPS shipping. Hynson dolfin FCS quad set, good condition: $45 SOLD RFC Vernors. Fronts: 4.5” height, 5” base. Rears: 4.5” height, 4” base. Good condition: SOLD Vector II Futures 437 quad set, good condition: $45 SOLD AM1 thruster, mint condition: $30 SOLD Tyler Warren...