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    Magic mushroom dual factor Authenticator: An Irish Trip Report

    Ok so, I picked these from some Irish milk cow poop early this morning And then Google image search is full of these, saying they are prime hallucinogenic boomers.
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    As if my ego needed any fluffing

    I made it in Times Square. In 3D no less. I actually had nothing to do with this; I think it’s an app :shrug:
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    I used to fear the Politics forum

    but no longer. It’s wildly entertaining in here. You guys even bring surfing into the fray sometimes it’s epic edit to add that the above admission may lead to r32’s retirement and my ascension to the iron throne
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    Caution: shameless photo Dump of my mainland trip

    The good the bad and the ugly lol. Often in the same sequence. Figured I would stop derailing other threads with random pics of the trip. And hell it was a trip worthy of an old fashion trip report in erBB fashion. Yes I’m stocked and yes I had this to myself for the first hour of my first...
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    Who knows Ireland?

    County Clare. Specifically a village called Doonbeg. I’m bidding on 6 nights in a cottage overlooking the Atlantic. Like, on a cliff above the ocean, surrounded by green fields. There has to be surf nearby ish right?
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    "To Subway, or not to Subway"... that is the question

    ok, so, the definitive poll. I've surfed and partied and travelled with dozens of you guys over the years. Other than that unsuccessful Booze Cruise plan back in 2010, i would say the overwhelming majority of the times that i have made plans with fellow erBBers, be it for a quick surf, lunch...
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    I can’t get on a plane and go to a wedding with Covid right?

    Still cranking out antigens over here, 8 days into this dance. Flights in 4 days, wedding in 6. Oh and it’s my 76 year old unvaccinated mother (allergies not an anti vaxxer) marrying her 84 year old boyfriend. That’s a game of Russian roulette we can in no conscience play, right? I mean, even if...
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    Who's around next week?

    Landing at LAX at 9:30 Tuesday morning feb 8th, spending a week at my friends' place at Tower 42 on the strand at el porto. Will likely drive down to NCSD for a few days, maybe the 9th to the 12th or something, there may even be a swell. American Airlines no longer charges for board bags if you...
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    Tabasco Burns like the Balrog (NSR)

    Show us your demon pets
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    Anyone want to buy the last untouched lot of road front land in the heart of Santa Teresa CR?

    This is like a preview before we officially list in a few days. Here’s the deets. Its .7 acres (2700 square meters) with 40+ big healthy old mango trees (not fruit bearing anymore, alas, but still beautiful and create amazing shade and would be a dream for a landscape architect to work with in...
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    Anyone wanna come on a yoga retreat with us to hacienda iguana, Nicaragua?

    Long story short, we are hosting a yoga retreat in a big ass house across the street from panga drops and just down the beach from Colorado. before we cancel the house, we had a lot of my wife’s regulars express all the interest yada yada yada, well, they haven’t REALLY been committing yet, and...
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    We listed our place on Air BnB: Caution- virtue signaling ahead

    So on a recent thread, I made a comment about adopting AfghanI refugee kids, and it’s still been in my head the last few weeks. Not so much as like, contacting NGO’s and actually trying to find an Afghani orphan to adopt, but you know, clicking on articles, keeping an eye open for stuff related...
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    Whores, ukuleles, video proposals, and more!

    So much to unpack, don’t even know where to begin. Just in the last hour as I came into the city for a head start on a busy Monday. Ham planets in flip flops on a rainy night in NYC?! Yes I have a pic, but posting it could and should get me banned. Same with the video of my old friend (who a...
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    Hacienda Iguana May 1 to 15

    Who’s in? Surf, yoga, little work mixed in. Flights so cheap
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    Somebody get random guy on the horn (and off the politics forum)

    my work computer has IT issues, the surf might be fun mid day tomorrow, and I think you should go in on construction costs with me on the Iguana property I just bought. Im tellin ya, fifty fifty. Vacation and surf, rental income. oh and let’s have lunch
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    Who had that Bitcoin target price prediction?

    the call was 30k, jumped to 32 just over night. I took some profit (paid for deposit on new roof) but now I recall seeing that same person I think calling 100k. Should I load up again? Heady times. Also preparing to take advantage of an S+P tank in Q1
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    Unlicensed underground indoor yoga

    First class just started downstairs. Got a true HEPA large room air filter set to germ mode, been humming away all night. Dogs chill. Everyone in masks. I’m upstairs with a carafe of OG Peruvian staying out of the way (made in a mr coffee dammit and it’s delicious) and our lawyer said just make...
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    Retiring to panama, pacific side

    I’m intrigued. I could probably unload the possessions and heirlooms, buy a big lot near the beach build a house. Anyone done it?
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    Mental Health thread

    anyone else kind of starting to lose it? NOT suicide watch, this isn't a cry for help, just a vent. all of the yoga, peloton, boardwalk bike rides, even surfed the last couple of days. I'm really tan, and thinner than I've pretty much ever been. And i just keep sinking. my industry could very...