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    Pros who were "Cancelled"

    Talking about those who ripped, but really weren't good humans and did bad things - and were dropped because of their actions. The obvious one is Wardo - a drunk derelict who ripped, but also beat women... and was cancelled.
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    *** The Official Loggin' Thread ***

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    You knuckleheads slipping? Did San Clemente's underachieving golden child get knocked out or what...
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    Hunter Biden and Tucker Carlson

    I've been telling this to people for years. All this nonsense about the right vs. the left is made up crap. Behind closed doors, the 1% are all family. Just look at the pics of Clinton, Obama, and the Bushes yucking it up in photos. Just google biden and carlson - the ding dongs running this...
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    Glassing bottleneck?

    Had a board shaped quickly months ago in San Diego - it's going to be epoxy, and there appears to be very few glassers who handle this in my area. I could have gone PU and probably already had my board... but I prefer epoxy double 6 top and bottom. If I'm paying almost 1k for a custom with all...
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    South of you (well, not ALL of you)

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    New Alex Knost vid

    here ya go you insecure twats.
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    A Curren Visual

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    Update on Sunny?

    Poor Sunny. Dude had a hard, difficult life- and also enjoyed a pro surfing lifestyle and world championship. Tried to kill himself and is now stuck in purgatory - draining family and friend emotions and resources. Easy to say that karma caught up and bitch-slapped Sunny for all his aggression...
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    Can we talk about you pathetic clowns who still support Cheeto?

    Let me preface this by saying that Biden should be retired and fishing on some lake with his great-grand kids - dude isn't fit for office. Having said that, Trump is the biggest piece of sh!t to ever be president. If you feel different, you're probably a reality-watching TV clown. Dude is only...
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    Why the hate on soft tops?

    Is it because they have brought more people to the beach? Is it because they are a crutch for people? is it because, you yourself, are an insecure dweeb and worry about what others ride?
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    "pro" surfers that have done more with less

    This thread is dedicated to to the lagging ASP and 'QS surfers who parlayed their careers to something more meaningful. I'll start with dipshit Paul Fisher - good on him
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    Where's Wardo?
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    New Andrew Doheny vid

    Just watched it on the former website. It was short, but good footage and music. Doing a little reading, Doheny family history is pretty wild. He said he went off the deep end recently but caught himself. Guy still rips.
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    coffee thread

    Cute that it was locked. Final word is that it's a fraud - nothing outside of their Instagram posts. Nothing naughty. A money grab and they either have the decency or lack the courage to post anything xx
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    How did we each get our "status?"

    How did we each get our "status?" For example... I was stuck on that dipshit "Nep" status for eternity - an ASCII gas bag who types words as if he were a modern day Kerouac. I graduated to Gerry Lopez status and that was pretty much my best experience here. No disrespect to Billy Hamilton -...
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    Alex Knost?

    Dropped by RVCA - no new groovy footage. Please tell me where to get my latest hand-jive boogie-woogie.