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  1. racer1

    Makua Rothman "Da' err Jah hawaiian Reggae"

    Guy is so good in big waves. Probably to spite his dad.
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    Kooks aren’t harmless

    Damn! Glad to hear your boy will be okay. That is frightening. I try really hard to avoid kook spots these days. Rather surf windblown, rocky, shifty, "crappy" waves by myself or with just a few others. It's really not worth dealing with a bunch of dangerous idiots.
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    Miami was PUMPING

    It's crazy that it'll be flat for 355 days (or more) and then one day it's 6 to 8 foot a frame kegs for 2 hours. Sand must be packed in and flat there.
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    Plant Based???

    It's just like the cholesterol phase. Everything said "cholesterol free" on it. If it's not made of meat/animal product then yeah it's cholesterol free, doi.
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    Makua Rothman "Da' err Jah hawaiian Reggae"

    What's funny about that Oshen guy, very nice guy btw, is I was at a party and he was playing music like classic rock covers with an acoustic and doing a "regular" voice and he sounded great.
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    (slow clap)
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    Tomo revo fins?

    medium performer quad rears
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    Bummer to hear about Dark Arts. $1,500 board purchase and they can't offer to fix the ding? Two boards in the WCT finals must have changed them.
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    Hawaii- Done

    Yeah starlink isn’t gonna cover broke Oceania countries for awhile
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    ISO FCS Nubster

    Gey but I love it
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    Varial foam Article/Ride Reports?

    I do want an RNF96, but BBQ was on the list first. So BBQ first, probably very soon, then RNF maybe mid winter for Spring/Summer and on.
  12. racer1

    CI Bobby Quad

    I'm edging so close to yolo'ing a BBQ
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    Album Surfboards

    Make sure to get single concave on the nipple covers, double concave just pop off
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    Album Surfboards

  15. racer1

    Lost 1996 Round Nose Fish?

    Mine was made in San Clemente, shipped to Hawaii. It's a stock 5'9 and at 2.55" thicc it doesn't feel thicc at all. I might even go up to 2.65" or 2.7" I am 6'1 x 195" and ride a lot of 2.6", 2.75" and even a 3"
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    Varial foam Article/Ride Reports?

    Thanks gang. I’m gonna go with 64/6 and epoxy resin. I was worried about stiffness but they make boards in full top to bottom carbon and people seem to like them so my layup can’t be that stiff.
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    Official Bird & Nature Post

    Haha I saw that on Twitter earlier and was like fook that!
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    Varial foam Article/Ride Reports?

    So no ride diffefence? Interesting. I like the poly varials I have but might Try epoxy for the added durability. I was also thinking 64/6 layup, I’ve only ridden 44/4. Any thoughts from those who’ve had both?
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    Varial foam Article/Ride Reports?

    I'm about to order a custom varial and debating epoxy over poly. Besides less denting, any other benefits that you feel by going with epoxy?
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    Florence Marine Sale

    Bob Hurley is one of the nicest guys on the planet. I am going to buy boardshorts right now.