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  1. bird.LA

    Domestic flights within Indo - Sriwijaya Air?

    Anybody flown Sriwijaya Air while traveling within Indo? I've flown Garuda with success before and Lion is a name I know, but Sriwijaya looks to have the best flight for a trip I'm taking next month. Curious if anybody's got any feedback on how they'd handle a 3 board coffin. Trustworthy?
  2. bird.LA

    6'3" Stamps Blindspot - $375

    Selling my only slightly used Blindspot. I find myself reaching for other boards in my quiver when the waves call for a shortboard. 6'3" x 19.5" x 2.46" - 31.8L Never dinged, just some minor deck denting that the lighting in the pic here makes a lot more obvious than IRL viewing.
  3. bird.LA

    5'10" Album Lightbender - $550 *SOLD*

    Selling my Lightbender, a good board but just a bit more volume than I would prefer. 5'10" x 20.7" x 2.6" Never dinged, just got some pressures that the lighting in these photos makes more noticeable than IRL viewing.
  4. bird.LA

    More "flowy" HP shortboard

    For the entirety of my surfing life I've been pretty singularly focused on maximizing shortboard skills to get as close to being a ripper in my own mind as I can (still a lot of work to do to get there,) and as such I've focused almost exclusively on HP thruster designs in my quiver (although...
  5. bird.LA

    WTB: Size medium center fins - Futures or FCSII

    Thread title says it all. If you've got any size M center fins available in either Futures or FCSII I'd love to take them off your hands. "Balanced" style templates preferred. :shaka:
  6. bird.LA

    FREE Surf Rack to whoever's willing and able to pick it up in LA

    It's served me well, but the new garage calls for a different storage solution. Holler at me.