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    I give you truthful information from my experiences Several asshats here try to discredit myself with our moderators unchecked assistance - all here know this Do you Really want to learn ?
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    Mundus Report

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    Say it Ain't Soooo

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    In the NEWS !!

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    Tik Tok

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    Blows The Lungs Out of The Body !!

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    DOORS !!

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    Biden-Harris Channel

    Enjoy !
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    Remember this :-)

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    Ban Um

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    Joe Biden shows how little he knows

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    RIP R B

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    Florida stuff

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    Read the comments

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    Nutcase spoke to this man

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    Toots !

    Waikiki is a great place if you appreciate it
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    Needed NOW

    For Joe Kamala will be happy , eventually to be replaced by Pelosi . Everyone gets a chance :dancing: