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    Who here has had VD?

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    WTB True Ames Lovelace Piggyback Keels

    Who’s willing to part with a set?
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    Sold: 6’6” Plasmid Asym (Goofy)

    6’6” x 20.88” x 2.5” Plasmid. Twin fin. Good condition, one repaired ding on tail, normal pressures, clear sanded. $650. Want to sell kinda quick if I can because I found a board but don’t have the $$$ rt. now. Need to sell to buy the other. Open to trade for a long fish twin fin around the same...
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    ***The Official Royjimmytour vs cstreet and whoever else thread***

    Let’s call this the “Get a room“ thread where you can come and spend post after post fighting with and mocking whoever you want. When you have the inclining to say something disparaging to someone and start a 4 page back and forth on another thread, please bring it here so you’re not clogging...
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    Sold - Prolite Rhino Travel Bag

    A few years old, but minimal use, been sitting in rafters collecting dust, good condition, fits 2 boards up to 6’3” $120. In North SD county. Prefer not to ship.
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    Christenson Twin Especial - Captain Fin

    No damage, excellent condition. $80. In North SD county, will ship for a few extra bucks. Willing to trade for Asher Pacey Retro Keel or Lovelace Piggybacks.
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    Puerto Vallarta then …?

    Family trip down to Puerto Vallarta for 3 days of touristy exploration and then 3 days of beach and surf somewhere else. We were thinking Sayulita but I’m hesitant now because of hearing stories of crowding and water poopoo levels. Is it that bad there now? So, I’m looking into Punta Mita, but...
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    Pre-Work Surf in Winter - DONE still has to pass the house.
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    I don’t even know what to say about this

    Total head slap of a list:
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    Sold 6’5” Aleutian Juice Channel Bottom

    Selling for a fren. 6’5” x 19.5” x 2.5” good shape with a few repairs and typical pressure dents. Board is in North SD county. Get some Parmy goodness for this next round of swell. PM with interest $450 OBO
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    Sold - For Sale 9’2” Chris Craft

    Looking to trade for a similarly sized long fish/fish simmons style board. Really enjoy this board, but want to try something different and don’t have the cash or space for both. I’m admittedly picky-ish on this and may change my mind. Just throwing it out there to see what may be available...
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    6’0” Allan Gibbons Shortboard $200

    6’0” x 19 3/4 x 2 9/16” Bump squash thruster. This board fucks. Really fun board by a great shaper. Has a couple of minor repaired dings, but quite a few pressures on the deck. Bottom has a healthy pressure ding on it, but I couldn’t tell much of a difference riding on it. Debated filling it...
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    5’8” Aleutian Juice Micro Stubby

    Kinda bums me out to post this up, but need to free up some cash and thin the heard. Scooped this off of @sublime74 a while back. Really fun, modern 80s style shortboard with glass on WCT template Shapers Fins. EPS/Epoxy, solid glass work and condition. Has a “rust” spot near a side fin that was...
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    SOLD - Mid Length-ish Madness x2

    Two mid length-ish boards. 1) 6’6” Honey Badger. Not sure on rest of dims, but roughly 20 3/4 x 2 7/8. Single fin/quad set up. PU/PE. Has a couple fixed dings and two soft spots near the tail. Everything is water tight. $300 OBO 2) 7’ Chris Birch mini nose rider. Again, not sure on dims but...
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    Marriage Material
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    Satellite orifices

    That's all, carry on...
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    Cool board build video—Donald Brink

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    Move over Szekely, there’s a new pool king

    Momentum Generation represents
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    3/2 Xcel Grom fullsuit sz 14 $80

    Minimal use before the kid out grew it.
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    soft and squishy, not hard and firm (traction related)

    for some reason, i've been getting a lot of chest/sternum/rib pain while surfing lately. seems to be worse after riding boards with more domed decks. i blame aging, the Rona and Trump. thinking of adding a front foot pad to see if it helps. what are some of ya'll's favorite soft and squishy...