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  1. ElOgro

    Happy Birthday PlasticBertrand

    Best wishes!
  2. ElOgro

    Happy birthday Donuts!

    kedso too!
  3. ElOgro

    Happy birthday B5F!

    Best wishes for another trip!
  4. ElOgro

    Happy birthday Joshua2415!

    You didn’t start a thread so I’ll pick up your slack. Best wishes and many thanks for the stockables!
  5. ElOgro

    Hey fecalface

    Legal issues In 2010, an expert appointed by a court stated that the voice of Lou Deprijck, the composer/producer of "Ça plane pour moi", on a record from 2006 is the same voice as on the original 1977 recording.[citation needed] "Today it appears from the report of the experts that the voice of...
  6. ElOgro

    For Hal/Josh Moshxxx

    Hey you vaginal wart on Snooky’s nether regions. Don’t send me a whining pm telling me it ain’t cool. If/when you have you have something to communicate with me do it on the open forum. xoxoxo
  7. ElOgro

    Happy Birthday sizzled

    Grab a wave by yourself at the ‘bu!
  8. ElOgro

    ***Happy birthday Joshua2415!***

    You go bro!
  9. ElOgro

    ***The Official Rhode Island Thead***

    Ready: Go!
  10. ElOgro

    Happy Birthday Ringer!

    Felicidades mí viejo amigo!
  11. ElOgro


    What will they come up with next? Green surfboards? Not that green color that that exposter hack JJR couldn’t match.
  12. ElOgro

    Happy birthday Abalone!

    I’m a discrete gentleman so I’m not gonna ask how many. :beer:
  13. ElOgro

    Happy birthday Donuts!

    Is today Kedso’s birthday too? Asking for fecalface.
  14. ElOgro

    ***Official 2020 Tropical Weather Thread***

    It’s that time of year again. It’s been a strange spring for us, normally any time after mid April it’s HAF, this is the first time in the last 25 years that I can remember sleeping without a fan in the end of May. Anyway Early season. We need two more weeks for it to dry up enough to get a...
  15. ElOgro

    Happy birthday B5F!

  16. ElOgro

    Happy birthday Joshua2415!

    Thanks for the daily stockingness! :drowning:
  17. ElOgro

    Happy birthday Craig!

    Thanks for your perspective on what’s happening in your hood!
  18. ElOgro

    Mr. Musk he’s some bad news for shareholders

    Or he lost his mind. Bathsalts?