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    ****Official 2022 WSL Malibu longboard comp thread*** Here is a video from last year :)
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    Most shitious board brand?

    In no particular order: -Hydrodynamica: Shaping boards with his sisterwifes dildo up his ass. Less woke, better boards, please. -Album: Edging the tip :monkey: between performance, hipster trash and bad glassing. -Shitters Toy Company: Not even funny. -Christenson: Favorite brand for parking...
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    *** Official US Open of Surfing 2022 Thread*** No webcast yet. Gonna be firing!
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    delete thread

    alrdy a jbay thread.
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    *** World Longboard Tour Official Jeep Malibu Classic presented by Havaianas *** :love: :love: :love:
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    *** Official WSL 2021 Finals Thread *** DELETED BECAUSE SOMEONE ELSE MADE ONE BEFORE ME :/ Toledo and Carissa will win.
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    ***Official No Salsa board review and evidence of shred thread***

    No Salsa is the subject authority when it comes to surfboard reviews. In this thread we will discuss the opinions of the bald majesty and our own experiences with the boards he puts to the test in 3ft Lowers EVERY SINGLE TIME. Here is his youtube...
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    ***Official Rip Curl Rottnest Search presented by Corona (haha) thread*** deleted!

    If anyone still cares (I do!) The waves should be really good
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    ***Official 2021 WCT Narra/has)been Classic Presented by CORONA (haha)**
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    3D fins. Kraken Model. Anyone tried?

    Anyone got these fins? This surfer girl approves!
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    People who look like they are surfing switchfoot, but they are not.

    Exibit A, the first guy in this video. Got some people like that around here too. The upper body and feet are not cooperating! It's more a trait of the chronic kook, than actual honest beginners. In skateboarding you can tell if a trick is done switch by a slightly awkard positioning of the...
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    Making The Kraken surfboard

    After a bit of a shaping hiatus I found some inspiration to create a new board. My quiver of two identical shortboards lacked a shitlength/midlife-crisis on two fins. Budget: $100 Shaping method: I was just gonna rawdog it I went to the building supply store and bought two sheets of 2" thick...
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    *** Official Australian boardriders battle, North Narrabeen ***

    The waves are great :monkey:
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    Michigan election hearing :)

    Rudy is shitting himself She is hot!!! I think they are doing well. The Trump will rise again!
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    *** Official Honolua Bay Comp Thread ***

    Starts on Friday if there is any surf :)
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    Hydrodynamica Satanicus