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  1. SlicedFeet

    Body Surging

    If your insurance will cover one of these, get one. I used it with fins and even kneeboarded while recovering from my op. They have water proof pads you can change out.
  2. SlicedFeet

    Breathholding contest in La Jolla?

    How come no one ever questions Koa? I dig his you tube channel. In fact, when I watch youtube, i do it on my Tv, I go straight to Koa…then next up is that wacky Bronco chick…Unstoppable Morgan.
  3. SlicedFeet

    Navy SEALS - cheating and PEDS?

    How come no mention of water quality/beach closures in Silver Strand due to Tijuana sewage?
  4. SlicedFeet

    Pick your door

    Sorry, to sum it up….I’m still pissed I listened to you crytpo people, but it is all on me, I knew better. Pleaee, make a sub catagory for investments and realestate….it too hard for me to see on the main page. Gapeing ass Raped out in the name of progress out.
  5. SlicedFeet

    Pick your door

    Exactley, I want to open both doors and ready to spar….what I have learned in live...all doors suck and you got to GO! This life is FARKd%%%a! Especially you Crytpto Faggs. I lost alot of money listening to you crypto geniuses…fark you all… I fought you all forever then eventually...
  6. SlicedFeet

    Mental Health thread

    My mental health is…This is so 2020. There will be studies…it will be attributed to the Internet on a global scale. That is the new major to major in. Major Major Major Major village idiot Out. Yossarian RULZ!
  7. SlicedFeet

    Breathholding contest in La Jolla?

    I’m not a La Jolla/San Diego local, or can ever be...but I remember seeing you chck out PB point one day a long while back with you wearing a big camera. I thought you were JWeing. Not though. I miss JWeing.
  8. SlicedFeet

    Breathholding contest in La Jolla?

    White Flohos. :)
  9. SlicedFeet

    How’s the stock market?

    We are on par with the Euro.
  10. SlicedFeet

    Sofa King Pounded

    look at the video again and see how long he was underwater, third wave was the longest hold down. There’s a reason why ”Life Preservers” are required on every boat. :drowning:
  11. SlicedFeet

    Breathholding contest in La Jolla?

    why is the massive amount of coastline north of Marin worthless when it comes to quality surf. Makes dealing with shiit water quality in all of Baja a no brainer. God musta lost the plot when he was drawing the lines north of SF.
  12. SlicedFeet

    Boar for big mushy waves

    High Performance Longboard. :nana:
  13. SlicedFeet


    I hope he doesn’t beat his wife after reading the above comments.
  14. SlicedFeet

    Breathholding contest in La Jolla?

    30 seconds is the new record but who’s really counting? ” In light of a recent altercation in the water at La Jolla’s Windansea Beach, the San Diego Police Department is increasing its patrols of the area, including having officers work overtime. The afternoon of Aug. 13, a male surfer and...
  15. SlicedFeet

    What Happened to the erBB?
  16. SlicedFeet

    The illegal street vendors have taken over the boardwalk and I’m a bit pissed about it.

    the times article is not worth reading. it’s saying white men are still bad and “trickle-down ecomony” is still a barnburner of a word to use when not wanting to discuss real economic theories. “What American workers need are multiple simultaneous experiments in rebuilding worker power, from...
  17. SlicedFeet

    The illegal street vendors have taken over the boardwalk and I’m a bit pissed about it.

    I’m such a dick, even if you know me. :nana: I rode my bike down the boardwalk this weekend and the first sidewalk vendor who pissed me off, because their tent blocked the free flow of traffic on the PB boardwalk, was a used record seller. ….this farker made the boardwalk turn into three feet...
  18. SlicedFeet

    What if the Saudi's set up immensely lucrative alternative tour to challenge the WSL?

    Are you talking about the Dubai Porta Pottie Tour…? InstaScatfabulous. Oh my.
  19. SlicedFeet

    We'll miss you so much Greg - RIP Greg Griffin

    The board underneath the 8 channel Speed Egg (which goes insane and made me realize channels done right, are right) is a 9’0 6 fin longboard in which I got the most insane, longest, biggest backside barrel, riding on the foam ball tube, at South Bird Rock I’ve ever season to boot...