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  1. SlicedFeet

    Breathholding contest in La Jolla?

    30 seconds is the new record but who’s really counting? ” In light of a recent altercation in the water at La Jolla’s Windansea Beach, the San Diego Police Department is increasing its patrols of the area, including having officers work overtime. The afternoon of Aug. 13, a male surfer and...
  2. SlicedFeet

    I got stung by a stingray today.

    Those farkers got some sting. My fault though. I was taking a monstrous pisssss in about waist deep water as I was heading out. I didn’t want to move my feet, it was quite glorious. Then I looked down, felt the water moving out of a hole out to sea, had a premonition this was not good…BANG...
  3. SlicedFeet

    San Diego military flights/takeoffs are going bonkers right now.

    Ukraine, China, Iran, or going after zig zag pills in the sky?
  4. SlicedFeet

    Men’s wrist bracelets?

    I just don’t know. I see rockers (musicians) pulling them off. Then again, what about the stank? Then even more again, Right hand jingling and jangling. :toilet::toilet: Are mens bracelets the ultimate dont give no fuks? what about gold?
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    The illegal street vendors have taken over the boardwalk and I’m a bit pissed about it.

    Just got back from late night recon on bike. They are laughing at our pathetic asses. They own us. Backstory, I’ve been pissed for the past few years about their 10x10 pop up tents that they use on the boardwalk and block the view of the ocean and access to the beach with their sh!t they sell...
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    What A Relief It Is…

  7. SlicedFeet

    Nikki Van Dijk fan thread.

  8. SlicedFeet

    Oakley Blade style sunglasses.

    37 years later - Still Lame.
  9. SlicedFeet

    It's really refreshing to see a 1990's to early 2000's surf vid.

    Maybe it's just me. Longer narrow boards look so much smoother and stylish. Stance is narrower. Surfing looks more powerful and the full body is used. The mind was used to surf the wave. Creative process. The new trend of short, wide, thick and roach stance boards have really done a...
  10. SlicedFeet

    Dang, my kid didn’t get into any public CA University with a 4.2 GPA that was applied to.

    Haaa, I’m fooked. 4.2 GPA, National Honor Society, Several AP classes and passed all the placement exams for them. Tons of extra charity groups. UC schools applied - SB, Irvine, LA, Berkeley. CSU - SLO. The only option to possibly getting into a UC school is Merced because she is within the...
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    Surfers' owe the residents in a town in Lousiana Big Time - Wetsuit cancer related.

    If Drew Brophy can raise over $85K in a Go Fund Me...we should get together to at least try and move the elementary school which is on the plants fence line, to a new location. - (Read CancerTown USA link below) Chloroprene is what is used to make Neoprene wetsuits. It is the cancer causing...
  12. SlicedFeet

    So if you go through life without being photographed…

    …Did you really surf in your life?
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    House in Northern Baja

    My Step-Mother's House is up for sale in Real Del Mar. Just a stones throw away from Baja Malibu. So my Father-in-Law just recently passed and it just too much house from my Mother-in Law. They built it out in 2001. This house is RAD. Full Bar Set up, treated water system and CUPOLAS! My...
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    I think I found the begining of "Surf Guitar"

    Somehow I have really got into Reel to Reel tapes during this pandemic. I won't get into the sonics of it but compared to LP's, they are a bit more limited in availability. I buy weird cheap lots off the big auction site...with alot of titles I have no idea who they are...which brings a lot of...
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    Do you pay for no ads on Youtube?

    And if you don’t. If you watch all the commercials, are they less frequent. Whats the haps?
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    First We Surf, Then We Eat - Cookbook

    I’ve had this cookbook for awhile but have never cooked anything out of it until tonight. I have a bunch of cookbooks but this one is Rad! There’s alot going on in this book that sets It apart from every other cook book I own. First it covers the globe. More importantly the globe that we all...
  17. SlicedFeet

    Why do home quesadillas suck compared to the Shops?

    What gives! :bricks: (I miss the head banging dude/emocon r32) I have never been able to produce a legit quesadilla at home. I’ve tried adding oil to the cheese, garlic powder, going low and slow…Never, ever, can get that goodness. Is it all about the lard? If so, why can’t we get lard...
  18. SlicedFeet

    Death by private air charters trip me out

    So bizarre... Why do the Rich think they are immune? How does one write about this? I just heard a pilot scream in horror as his Lear jet stall coming in for a landing in San Diego. All on board dead. From a news cast. Why do we have less remose for the 1% ..or is that me? I have no desire...
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    That was quite a Slight from the Bidens and the Dems for the White House “Spirit of the Season”

    Gosh Darmit. The Bidens started off with a Mariachi Band on PBS for the traditional White House performance at the White House. WHY THE HELL WERE THERE NO MUSLIMS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Freaking xenophobic sanctimonious racists Dems.…I spit and throw my shoe at you. Ali Akbar Out!
  20. SlicedFeet

    The StormSurf guy just said this will be the worst Winter on record for surf !?!?

    How depressing…”Atmospheric Damage“ - btw, that’s the name of my new shoegazer band. No real surf until May 2022.:socrazy: Anyone for Tennis?