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  1. JJJJS

    Enforced Google 2-step verification

    Has anyone's company already enforced Google 2-step verification? Is it possible to turn off after it has been enforced?
  2. JJJJS


    Has anyone here ever considered a trip to the Bajuni islands? :unsure:
  3. JJJJS

    Which wave is the LOUDEST?

    I was watching this classic Mavz video: and it got me thinking... which wave is the loudest when it breaks? Any ideas? :unsure:
  4. JJJJS

    Where would the best spots be on Pangaea Ultima?

    Where do you think the best spots would be on Pangaea Ultima (future supercontinent configuration based on current tectonic activity trends)? :unsure:
  5. JJJJS

    Any Scientologists here? What are you guys like?

    I'm currently staying in an Airbnb and I believe the hosts/owners are Scientologists (in fact I'm sure). Bit apprehensive, as I've never met a scientologist - what are you guys like?
  6. JJJJS

    Long shot... Wales in late March through April?

    Anyone know about swell/conditions in Wales in late March through April time period?
  7. JJJJS

    Why is 'shave ice' called 'shave ice' in Hawaii?

    Why is the name of the particular ice-based dessert called 'shave ice' in Hawaii? It irks me somewhat, because 'shave' is a verb ('to shave'). The name should be changed to 'shaved ice' (adjective + noun).
  8. JJJJS

    Is surfing ONLY about harnessing the power of gravity and nothing to do with the power of waves/water?

    I once read a comment on a YouTube video of pipe saying something along the lines of "I love how the surfers use the power of the waves." Now I believe this raises an interesting question: is the energy produced by a breaking wave only caused by gravity (and the toppling of the wave peak), or...
  9. JJJJS

    It's strange to use the term 'mechanics' when referring to a wave

    Why in this surfline video do they use the term 'mechanics' when referring to a wave (namely pipeline)? Why is a wave compared to a machine?
  10. JJJJS

    How many covids currently have erbber?

    Any? :unsure:
  11. JJJJS

    Has anyone surfed Lho-nga/Lampuuk?

    Has anyone? :unsure: Looks like a pretty good setup; mind the tsunamis though...
  12. JJJJS

    Collapsed lung

    I suffered a partial lung collapse recently (had to be treated at hospital). It started a day after I had surfed. I'm not sure if it can be attributed to the surfing, or if the cause was something else. Has anyone here had a similar issue?
  13. JJJJS


    "Death is what our society teaches us it is." What do you think death is?
  14. JJJJS

    Would you surf on Bouvet Island?

    Would you? :unsure: :unsure: :unsure:
  15. JJJJS

    Tecolutla mid to late October

    Anyone have info about this place? Will there be at least half-decent waves there in October?
  16. JJJJS

    Would you surf the coast at Volcanoes National Park on the Big Island if there was a big swell but lava making the ocean boil?

    Would you? :unsure: The pictures would look pretty good IMHO
  17. JJJJS

    Why do they pronounce 'yew' as 'yiiihu' in Brazil?

    Any theories? :unsure:
  18. JJJJS

    Where are the best lefts in Brazil?

    Does anyone know? Might take a trip there July/August