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    Album Surfboards

    i think the errb lawyers might know if its actually costly to defend a lawsuit over a bitch slap
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    Anybody ever rent a car from Turo?

    yes, it's fine, I recommend getting a newer model vehicle if you want something nice and clean
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    I think a brand new XTR is still a great deal compared with some other board prices...$830 out the door is great for a custom
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    Quiver Shots - Post 'em up!

    he calls it a SPEGG
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    Quiver Shots - Post 'em up!

    @need 4 speed that's a flare with friendly old man dims as a twinny
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    Quiver Shots - Post 'em up!

    just a few I pulled out for quick baja trip
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    Paul Fischer Still Rips

    his DJ career is insane...having a pretty good time from the looks of it...his instagram is good laugh as well
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    True Ames R. Lovelace Keel vs. Piggyback

    there's a thread on the BMT's....I personally don't like them so far...they look and feel a bit big for me...I liked the piggybacks or even the NVS album uprights that I was running before
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    *** Official Rip Curl Pro Bells Beach thread ***

    wow...steph's lay back...epic
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    JHP has a corndog model...that's pretty funny
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    Album Surfboards

    kudos...random carl cox mention...excelente
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    Album Surfboards

    I feel a little better..I felt the same way going front side on my plasmic as well...I also re-ordered a 5'4....hoping it works out as well
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    you can see their current board orders and status
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    ***Official 2022 Community Surf Journal***

    its pleasantly surprising how well the plasmic surfs backside
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    Album Surfboards

    living the dream!
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    CI Twin Pin

    it's like the guys with the performance longboards surfing them aggressively like shortboards...I don't get that...but to each his own I guess
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    Tim Stamps - Shaper of the Year

    my 6'10 will be surfed until it dies as well
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    Tim Stamps - Shaper of the Year

    fred must be pretty fat
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    Tim Stamps - Shaper of the Year

    sllimmed out wtf?
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    *** Official Fin Thread ***

    these new CI twin fins by britt...are huge!