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    Surfing dreams and/or nightmares

    In another thread the discussion got started about surfing dreams so figured I'd start a thread. Do you have any reoccurring dreams about surfing? The only reoccurring dream I ever have is I'm out in the lineup, sometimes its good and others not, sometimes I'm competing and sometimes not, but I...
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    Ultimate Surfer?

    This feels like the dumbest stunt by the WSL yet. Get some surfers together who have B-C grade skills, have them compete Survivor style for a spot on the WCT. It really is an insult to the surfers of the QS. I will say Zeke Lau is the one surfer who's casted that would belong on the CT. Luke...
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    Skin Deep

    Anyone thrown down the couple bucks to see Felicity Palmateer naked yet? If so please give a review. It's probably a bit on the artsy side and not sure it would rate very high on the Boing meter.