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    Greg Griffin RIP

    did she fall asleep and you took the opportunity to put the boards there and take the shot? or was it more like, hey can you pose semi nude next to my surfboards for a photo? both options intriguing.
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    Thousand Dollar Thrusters thousand dollar thrusters are the new normal from the big brands here
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    Good Wave Twin - Round or Swallow Tail?

    FCS fusion of course - just how GG would have liked it
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    Good Wave Twin - Round or Swallow Tail?

    Scotty James from SJS is the Australian distributor for it. I dm'd him on insta and he sorted it from there. It was $100 for the generic 3/4 patch. If you want a full board you send him dins and a photo and it comes in the shape you want.
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    Curvy swallow or straight?

    FA difference in performance. I like the look of straight ones for normal sized swallows, curved ones reserved for huge wide fish swallows.
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    Good Wave Twin - Round or Swallow Tail?

    Also - used gryptalite traction for the first time - that you can see on the deck photo. Stuff works great! Doesn't feel as grippy as wax when paddling, but works around the same as an average wax job for sure under your feet. I reckon a good combed fresh wax job is probably better, but this is...
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    Good Wave Twin - Round or Swallow Tail?

    Here's how that one eventually turned out. Finished it a few weeks back but had it maiden voyage yesterday. Surf was a bit small for it, about chest to head high. Used a knock off cheap set or MR TFX copies. Foot placement seems more critical than my swallows, rear foot forward of fins and it...
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    Greg Griffin RIP

    confirmed on insta. RIP GG. always loved the nuggets of info gold he'd drop amongst the rabble in here
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    Black surfboards / sunburst finish

    yep most of sanded's stuff comes from colan - as far as i know colan doesn't sell by the metre and sanded is their main distributor for that.
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    Black surfboards / sunburst finish

    yes - the direct size cloth does seem to dent less than regular e-glass.
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    Lost MR California Twin

    f**k it bothers me how lost gives the volume in "cubic liters" - there's literally no such thing.
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    Black surfboards / sunburst finish over here does all sorts of basalt. the 4oz is basically a replacement for 4oz regular glass but much stronger and more importantly helps to dampen eps vibrations. I have tried most of the variations they stock - the heavy hex weave stuff sucks up a lot of resin and is probably...
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    Black surfboards / sunburst finish

    it doesn't!
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    Front and back traction - no wax?

    no need on a shortboard. the furthest forward my back foot would go is butting up against the front of the pad, and theres enough traction doing that for situations where my foot is that far forward. On a step up i have a little strip that goes in front of the pad and that gives a bit more...
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    Front and back traction - no wax?

    yeah i do it on most of my boards now. sick of wax going soft and melting in summer. i like the smoother front pads like o&e, CI or octopuss. I don't think it grips anymore than a good wax job to be honest. ive got a roll of gryptalite to try on my next board
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    *** Official Griffin Surfboards Thread ***

    that guy sure surfs good for an inlander kook :LOL:
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    Why are traction pads $50?

    i got 100 custom 2 and 3 piece ones made in china with my logos on the years back for $9 AUD per pad. wasn't hard at all.
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    What board would you ride in these waves?

    crazy how much some of these waves look like real pipe.
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    riding a "shorty" at fish dims

    wouldn't a shorty at fish dims just be any of the short wide "hybrid" grovellers of the past decade?
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    exactly and this looks to be the closest to it since. They were high end boards when Burger and JD were involved.