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    Sinaloa Surf Adventures?

    Anyone here stayed at this place?
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    Wayne Rich Nightmare?

    Anyone check this board out?
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    Can you order trac pads directly off their site?
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    Strained Popliteus

    Hey guys, Anyone here have any experience with this injury, and what your recovery/rehab was ? I'm pretty sure I did it with KB swings, it definitely popped out like a golf ball, and the knee swelled up, there might be a shot of a meniscus tear too. Yup good times, I've had a couple of...
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    If you left California, where would you move?

    I'm a Californian (Bay Area,) and curious where you guys would move, if you left? I realize there are a million factors, and different variables, but being close to surf would be mandatory.
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    New Fins

    I’m hoping to try these out this weekend, picking up a twinny from Stretch. The fins are hand made from Jim Phillips.
  7. J

    Shaper deposits, and credit card refunds?

    Are credit card companies usually sympathetic to this request, and is it a pretty drawn out process? The charges are 4 months old now, which is two months over the original lead time. The lack in communication is what bugs me, the last response I got was a month and a half ago, saying it was...
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    Super food shake?

    Hey what are you guys/gals doing for a nutritious, shake or juice? I was thinking something easy, that won't break the bank every morning, with the cool antioxidants, vitamins etc?
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    Online guitar lessons?

    Any thoughts or suggestions? I traded a board for an electric guitar and amp a while ago, and I need help,
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    Pandemic movies

    Oldies but goodies, sleepers, action, comedies, etc?
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    Forum search engine

    Is it just me, or does the search engine not work anymore?
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    Miami Dolphins

    Any Dolphin fans, and are you guys happy with Tua?
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    Hess Surfboards

    Hey guys, Anyone have or ridden any of Danny's boards. looking at Kunkel, or Pacheco model.