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    Akila Aipa's/Slater Designs' Twin release

    I’m trying mine with the Christenson keels and doing better (so far) than with the MR’s. No problem on bottom turns but still getting a handle of top turns. thinking about upright twins once I get more used to the board. Curious how the Pang twins worked for Waxfoot
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    Drew Brophy - in ICU w/ COVID fighting for his life

    who knows more than any of us about the vaccine? Pfizer. What did Pfizer say when asked to assume regular liability as they do with other substances? “No way”. surprising how many view this as zero risk, when the manufacturer signals otherwise. I’m for the vaccine but understand people need to...
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    ***The Official Mid-Length Thread***

    Hey Maz - did u find it difficult to paddle the board ? I’m looking at buying one but wondering if that 22’ width tapers quickly towards the front.
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    Long distance relationships?

    having an end date to long distance from early on is most key, in my experience. The sooner, the better.