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  1. oneworlded

    Surfing and cigarettes

    Nathan Fletcher might disagree.
  2. oneworlded

    Man, the crap that just came outta my ears...

    Ears were feeling pretty stuffy and weren't draining post surf. And I couldn't hear worth a damn. Got one of those rubber ear bulbs, filled sink with hot but not scalding water and after about ten fairly forceful flushes the amount of crap that came out of ears was astonishing. Last time I did...
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    "Tahitian Dreams" Epic 1987 Quiksilver Video

    We used to play this nonstop on the TV at the Carolina surf shop I worked at in 1987 - and eventually I poached it and played it til the tape snapped. Marvin Foster and crew. A total time capsule with a kickass soundtrack. Cast it to a big screen TV and you will be happy.
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    Finnegan's Latest New Yorker Treatise - Mr Lenny. Discussss
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    The most radical surf photo ever. Post 'em up.

    Let's see if this thread has legs. My vote: Mike Parsons at Cortes Bank, Jan 5, 2008. By Rob Brown.
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    Happy Birthday Kelly Slater...

    Happy Birthday dude. We know you lurk here. Now get your shot, go win Bells, Marg and Chopes and bring home the damn title.
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    Taking my 12/y/o son first time snowboarding in SoCal - advice?

    Erbb wisdom welcome. Will be in south OC Dec 17-31 and hope to take my son snowboarding. Figure we'll go on a weekday to avoid crowds. Thinking lessons and a rental. Looks like the long ranges have a possible storm around 14-15, so maybe there'll even be some real snow. He's a solid...
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    Reddit's Herman Cain Awards - Share with a surfer you love.

    This stuff is grim. A real insight into what goes on when covid goes bad. And the cognitive dissonance is just breathtaking and tragic. But in some cases, I think, could be effective at swaying the unswayable.
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    Jellyfish. Bitches.

  10. oneworlded

    South Lake Tahoe - Hopefully not done?

    We camped there in the fall and I was like, hmmm, this place seems prime to ignite. Also drove through what was left of Paradise. Jeezus. What are the chances the whole town goes? That residential neighborhood near the lake has so many wooden and shake roofed houses/cottages. Looks grim.
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    My son - how much to compete?

    Erbb wisdom welcome. First world issue for sure. My 12 y/o son won U16 SCarolina state champ in pretty good waves against a stacked field a couple weeks ago. He won another local ESA contest earlier this summer and has done well overall in our local series. He definitely likes to compete and...
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    Avast ye Cretins. My new book's out! Jamie Brisick digs it and that should be good enough for you.
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    My son perforated his eardrum surfing - Costa Rica next week?

    Hey Doc/erBB. My 12 y/o took a surfboard to the head yesterday and has a minor perforation of his left eardrum according to the doc. We're planning a trip to Playa Grande July 6. Should I get him ear plugs (and recommendation for a proper brand appreciated)? No surfing? No earplugs, just keep...
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    Well known erBB'er meets Texas law enforcement.

    Was he on his way to Waco surf park? Did he have to walk the rest of the way? What happened to his car? I don't see a surfboard in the car though. Maybe he could just walk up to the front desk and demand one as a sovereign citizen?
  15. oneworlded

    Playa Grande Costa Rica in July - advice?

    Looking like a trip to Playa Grande w/the wife and kids is in the cards for July. Will be staying w/some local friends about a quarter mile N of the Tamarindo estuary. Despite all the places I've been to surf in my 54 years, I've never been to CR. Looks like good beginner waves for the family...
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    You whiny bitches sitting at your screens debating Meghan Markle vs Sachi Cunningham.
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    Bad News Bears - Paging B5F...

    Going through Amazon Prime w/the fam last nite and Bad News Bears hit the screen. I told the kids, we gotta watch this. Completely forgot Bonzer5Fin's role as the punk rock pitcher. I was like, holy sh!t! Kids loved it. And loved B5's role. The burrito in the face from Tanner was epic. So B5 -...