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  1. RTP

    Quiver Management Firesale, Part 1: Jobson, Johnson, Coil, G10 Futures

    For sale by owner, the following pooltoys: L to R: 6'0 x ~19.25 x ~2.38 Wil Jobson Twinzer. sold 7'0 x 19 x 2.63 Dave Johnson roundpin. Very nice and clean boar for waves if you know you know. Buy it and loose your excuse. My excuse is I have another similar boar now with mas foam for my...
  2. RTP

    Rib pain while paddling

    For the first time this week, I felt a bit of pain at times while paddling. It only occurs on the left side of my rib cage, a few inches below the bottom of the sternum at the end of the ribs. It is a bit of a sudden shooting pain, like a rib was trying to poke back into me, which goes away...