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    Who Here Has Had COVID?

    Had it a couple months ago. I've been sicker with the flu but I was pretty miserable locked in my room for 10 days. The day I got out my Wife and eldest son tested positive. My Wife and I are triple vaxed my eldest double. My youngest son who shares a bedroom with his brother is unvaxed and...
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    PC Gaming … anyone here a gamer?

    By coincidence, just today Hardware Unboxed posted a Video comparing a RTX 3070 TI to a RX 6800. So that's a card 2 tiers higher then a 3060TI and one a tier lower then a 6800xt and they came out about equal.
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    Patagonia has pissed me off a bit with their political stances the last few years but I still support the brand mainly because of the surfers they sponsor. I seem to go out at the same spots as them, I'm in the water with Kohl , Ramon, Big Ben, Moona (Kitesurfer) often, Chris and Dan but not in...
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    PC Gaming … anyone here a gamer?

    I'm sure the Liam is a great case but I'd never spend $160 for a case. I've only bought one new case in my life and it was $35 mostly I score free cases out of the junk pile at work. RTX 3060 Ti or 6800xt gpu. Why those two? The 6800xt is a much stronger card but doesn't it cost like $250 more...
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    My wife got put on their sh!t list for returning 3 or 4 raincoats that the Gore-Tex started flaking off and a couple of back packs with rusted zippers. They said no more returns for her.
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    Mountain Lion in Hawaii

    That photo of a 'cat' could be anything and the 3 toed paw print doesn't look even close to being from a cougar. I'm going to need a lot more evidence. About 20-25 years ago there were reports of a cougar in the Hawaii Kai/Aina Haina area. They even had photos that were a lot better then this...
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    Clay Marzo won a contest

    I watched most of the replay of contest, it had some strange stuff. The 16 surfers all got to surf two 4 person heats and got points on how they placed, 10pts for 1st, 7 for 2nd 4 for 3rd and 1 for 4th. The waves started out good and it was a pure barrel riding contest but by the 2nd round the...
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    Hawaii- Done It looks like the Prosecutor"s Officer is taking some heat and may bring charges after all.
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    Teahupo'o - Biggest wave I've ever seen ridden

    There is a giant swell hitting Tahiti now but Kauli's wave is from last year,
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    South Shore Hawaii Be Going Off...

    5/3 was Tuesday, my understanding is it didn't get big till late Monday. I blew Monday off and went north Tuesday and Wednesday then south on Thursday. Wednesday I was solo the whole session and Thursday mostly solo.
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    South Shore Hawaii Be Going Off...

    You're a little late. The swell came up Monday and dropped below advisory level by Friday. A late season NW swell also came in late Monday and got reinforced Wednesday probably a little bigger then the South side peak with a faction of the crowd.
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    teeroi shots

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    Feel old yet?

    Ferris Bueller is 60.
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    Red Bull Fail

    You mean Jamie O'Brien not Jamie Mitchell.
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    Hawaii- Done

    The bodyboarders don't have their own contest and they haven't in years. This year they're piggybacking on the Pipeline Bodysurfing Classic which runs Feb24 to Mar4. We have been in a waiting period of a contest at Haleiwa, Sunset or Pipe every day this year except 2 holidays and will be till...
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    ***t** Official 2022 The Eddie Thread *****

    Just got to the beach a little down from Waimea. 15' with 30 minutes between sets. At least 30 people out.
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    ***t** Official 2022 The Eddie Thread *****

    The NW buoy has been 16' 19 seconds for 3 hours now, plenty big enough for the Eddie. It could be blocked by Kauai or not last long enough but I'm almost ready to say I told you so.
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    ***t** Official 2022 The Eddie Thread *****

    12+ foot shark fin guy is Brian Hurov aka Battleship Brian. I thought that it looked just like Brian but what would he be doing signing autographs. It's just like Brian that he'd jump in to get a autograph. Todd wasn't in the 1990 Eddie but he was in the 95 half an Eddie.
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    ***t** Official 2022 The Eddie Thread *****

    I see Lord Tally Ho Blears on the left and Eddie Rothman(32nd) on the right. Behind Foo's(14th) left shoulder talking to Eddie it looks like Hans Hedemann's(13th) nose. Signing autographs with Mark? Is it Owl Chapman(18th) or Reno Abelira(24th)?
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    ***t** Official 2022 The Eddie Thread *****

    It's way too early to call it off. I think the forecasters have under-called every big swell this year. Chris Owens was on the news this morning and said Clyde wanted to run it even if it was only 15 to 20. KHON