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  1. brukuns

    Anyone into Scotch Single Malt Whisky?

    My brother in law really likes Single Malt Scotch and he introduced me to this world recently... I never thought this would happen but I'm totally into it now. I'm not really big in self control so I already bought quite a few bottles, tasting glasses and whatnot. I have always been a beer guy...
  2. brukuns

    Better Call Saul?

    Final season is on. Damn, it's better than ever. Last episode ended with a doozy. If you liked Breaking Bad, make sure not to miss this my frens. Also, OZARK second part of the final season is on tomorrow. Even Disney is surprising me...Really digging Moonknight, specially after yesterday's...
  3. brukuns

    HBO Peacemaker

    Anyone watching this show? I'm really digging it. It's pretty stupid, but still fun. But in all honesty, fook the show... Just go and watch the opening, that's where all the gold is at. I could just keep watching that opening in repeat for months on end... It's the most ridiculous and...
  4. brukuns

    Fucking board bailers!

    Having a session last Friday on this spot known to have many beginners... it's pretty apalling, I feel like a pro surfing there, so many clueless kooks. The wave is actually pretty good, but it's on the soft side so it attracts beginners like flies. It was not crowded at all but enough kooks in...
  5. brukuns

    Does this Board look fun to you?

    I'm on a never ending quest to decide which new board I should get. Lost, Stretch, Pyzel, DHD... the usual suspects. We have this character Edinho Leite here in Brazil...I don't know what his deal is, but he's a specialist in shapes and surfboards and has been reviewing boards for a while (his...
  6. brukuns

    Rocket Redux - What do you think?

    This board really caught my eye. Seems to be a nice daily driver, fast, easy to get into waves, performancey. Anyone had one? What to expect of this board? I'm 5'9...considering a 5'10 as a daily driver up to overhead surf. Not sure If I should go smaller... problem is, to go smaller and keep...
  7. brukuns

    Any experience with the Rusty SD?

    There's a 6'0'' torsion spring Rusty SD at a shop near home. Price is good for what it is. I hear the chinese are no longer producing the waterproof block they need for this construction so you can't get it in Brazil anymore, this board is one of the last ones around. Seriously considering going...
  8. brukuns

    New board suggestion

    Hey guys, My last board was a 5'9'' Stretch Superbuzz. I'm really stoked on it and it's helping me to progress. Easy to paddle and catch waves, can hold overhead surf quite well for its outline and it's quite easy to maneuver even though it looks a bit bulky. Thing is, it's over 4 years old...
  9. brukuns

    What do I do with these Wagyu burgers?!

    So, I was on the treadmill running a few km when my wife calls me asking if I had ordered anything from this fancy meat store. I said no. She goes downstairs to check and the receipt has all my information so she brings the package home. Turns out this store sent me 4 boxes with two 200g Wagyu...
  10. brukuns

    Felipe "Gordo" Cesarano in the can - he's fooked.

    This brazilian Big Rider is in a heap of trouble, consequences of being an idiot. He got involved in a car crash and someone died. Oh, and he was drunk. During the alcohol exam they say he was laughing and acting crazy and weird. People don't usually do time in Brazil (unless you are really...
  11. brukuns

    Stocked to be surfing again!

    I mentioned this several times already but I basically quit surfing (gradually) a little over 3 years ago when my kid was born. I think before I started surfing again a couple months ago I got to go 1 year straight without surfing. and it was like once every 6, maybe 3 months before that. It...
  12. brukuns

    PS5 vs Xbox Series X

    Just wondering if you guys are getting any of these, and if so, which? (depending on the level of response we could turn this into a geek forum.)
  13. brukuns

    Netflix: Dark - Holy sh!t that series is good!

    I finished watching Ozark (another holy sh!t that's good kind of series) and started watching Dark after reading some pretty good things about it. Since most shows and movies are in english I'm guessing you guys are not used to subtitles and this is a german series. But dayum, man up and watch...