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    How does this happen?

    Go to the shop and everything looks good. I feel it over and the board lam (the whitebox in the picture) says the same dims as the website. Pay $300 for it which I thought was a pretty solid deal since it is hard for me to find bigger step ups and the board is in good shape. One minor ding and...
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    NVS Apex Keels and T. Knox Thrusters. Future Fins.

    Both sets barely used and in good condition. Future boxes. Taylor Knox, size L, - $65 shipped Marlin Keels, size L, - $65 shipped Venmo or Paypal accepted. Can also do local pickup on Oahu.
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    Public Streets...Opinion Needed

    Last night I got into it with people who just moved to my neighborhood. I live on a cul de sac. There's 12 houses. Nothing else. No pass through to a beach. Nothing. The end of the street is the ocean. There is no public ocean access. There's no beach. There's not even sidewalks. There is no...
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    Electric Bikes - How long before they are banned on bike trails?

    Let's talk about the latest menace to society, stupid people on fast E-bikes. I was almost run over by some mountain town bro brah when I was in Mammoth a few days ago. I was on an early morning run on a paved trail in the middle of town and this dumbass comes over a hill going over 30 MPH in...
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    Blown Eardrum. Experiences?

    Long story short, last week I had a freak accident while surfing and suffered a blown eardrum. Fell wrong and felt it happen as I hit the water. Lost all equilibrium underwater and became totally disoriented. Thankfully I was able to just stand up and get my bearings. The pain was really...
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    Cheap Aliexpress Foil Review

    Found this on youtube and thought it was interesting. I have limited knowledge of foil surfing but figured someone might like to see the video. Did some digging and it looks like they sell for $350 USD plus shipping and tax. The wing area is 300 sqin. I will say that I've bought some really...
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    How Many Boards Do You Own and Actually Surf?

    I'll start. I have 4 boards that I keep in the rotation and surf regularly. A groveler, a keel fish, a lost psycho killer, and a pyzel ghost. A lot of my friends have 10 plus boards. But it seems that they don't use most of them. How many boards do you have that you actually use? My wife...