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    WTB: Liddle, Andreini, Mandala, Furrow

    Let me know what you got under 6'
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    Crime softboards

    Anyone have one? Considering a Stubby hull or a Gothic Dolphin model, something I can try to surf and goof around on finless. I think they are made by the same folks that make the Pyzel soft tops.
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    Costa Rica this summer

    How's it been? Is the COVID insurance an issue? Any issues coming back stateside? Headed down in a couple weeks. My east coast trip got deep sixed till september/october.
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    Soft Pyzel gremlin

    Anybody have one? Just sold off my daughter's Catch Surf Stump and was thinking of replacing it with a JJF by Pyzel Gremlin.
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    Massachusetts and Rhode Island

    Planning a trip out to see my bro and his new baby, he lives in Boston but we're heading out to Point Judith where he's rented a house for a week. I'm set for surf since he has the boards and regularly surfs in R.I. The question is what are the must do/see things in the area? The wife wants...
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    Costa Rica?

    Wife wants to do a last minute Costa Rica trip, anyone been down there the last few weeks?
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    WTB grom board

    4'10 - 5'0, what ya got?
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    3 minute ride

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    NSR: Is it time to buy a late model Tesla?

    A few early Model S have been showing up locally in the mid $20K's, Higher mileage but the battery life is supposedly not an issue as with other electric/hybrid cars. Very tempted to let go of my gas powered surf wagon, which is starting to cost more and more to maintain.
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    Stoker V machine, Fowler new Machine

    Who's had one? I hear they ride better the longer you go...
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    Put a hole in my head

    It was gonna be a great morning, only one other guy out, soft little windswell peaks all over the lineup. I got a decent warmup ride to a double that deposited me back in the take off spot. Another mini peak popped up, the takeoff didn't go right and I jumped off, no biggie. Bump, no pain but...