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    rodanthe pier looks fun
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    sept/oct on the east coast

    By far my favorite time of year. Warm water, crowds have left, rideable surf for most of the next two month. Life is good.
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    looking for fishing rod/reel recs for surf/pier fishing near home.

    Entry to mid level Thanks, VaB.
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    Teaching kids to swim

    Anyone use any sort of formal teaching program? I'm trying to teach my now two year old how to swim and become comfortable with the water. She loves the pool and the ocean and is becoming more and more comfortable every day. My wife tried to sign her up for ISR last year but not spots. We...
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    Pyzel wildcat

    Looks awesome. Anyone seen one?
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    What is your can't go wrong board for low to average surf?

    Conditions call for 2-4ft (faces) could be low tide, high tide deep or shallow, not really sure how it will look; what board do you bring? Personally, I was trying for the mini sim but found the nautilus to consistently be my go to. What is your not necessarily the best board but rarely the...
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    anyone have experience with travel trailers or toy haulers?

    Looking at a toy hauler and trying to do some research which has proven challenging. Has anyone owned one? Any advice? A drivable would be great but is outside of my price range. Thanks VaB
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    WTB prone bark 14 ft paddleboard

    having trouble finding one
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    Would you move to the mountains?

    Daily hiking, mountain biking, and snowboarding with trips to surf. Would you do it?
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    all black boards

    Destined for failure? does not apply to PNW.
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    Board trends

    Go for the latest and greatest or tried and true? At one point everyone was riding undersized chips... and thought they were great. Board makers are constantly making changes and evolving but for the most part, these board will all be obsolete in a few years due to current trends. If the...
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    Rawson b2; thoughts?
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    Winter storm brings some waves to the east coast

    Some fun but challenging surf to be had. looks like Jersey went off. sorry to bring you guys back from the political forum, as you were. some very strong offshores led to a little challenging condition here but got some fun ones in. water is cold but not too bad. sorry if this is a...
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    lost... glassing

    How is there glassing these days? I'm more interested in durability than performance, are they still glassing most of the boards towards performance? not interested in alt tech.
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    Why do we worry about subtleties in shape and not empty fin boxes?

    We consider glass on over removable but yet think nothing of the empty fin box. Why?
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    Last night was some fun 3-4 ft runners but VB can't handle the super long period stuff. This am was head to 2' OH but a little too walled up and closing out because of angle. Still, some fun waves to be had and looked nothing like VB (surfline says 2-3??) . Hope you east coast guys score...
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    Happy Bday VBSurfer and all of your trolls

    Happy Bday my friend.
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    Bonzer feeler

    6'2" 20.5 2.5 5 fin mini merk new condition, never ridden. $900.
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    PNW Question

    Looking to relocate to somewhere with more direct access to hiking and camping but not willing to give up surf. Thinking the PNW would be a good option. Any recommendations for where to start looking? I see a job available in Newport OR but figuring very norther cal and OR would be good...
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    Maurice cole DD as a grovler, anyone ridden one?