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    Only HE could do it from prison!
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    Need a Date?

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    The Official Own the Other Team Page

    Otherwise known as, The Outerknowing the Others Tears often Shaken not Stirred Page ‘An Illinois school district is defending an elementary school offering “After School Satan Club,” an extracurricular educational program sponsored by the Satanic Temple of the United States. The program, for...
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    The REAL ReasoN fro the Repub Closet Syndrome

    Squidley is that you?
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    MAGA Fraud

    :unsure: LIES! Pro-Trump T-shirt company fined for switching "Made in China" labels with "Made in U.S." labels MARK FRAUENFELDER 8:56 AM MON AUG 8, 2022 There is no greater blessing, in the eyes of a MAGA cult member, than to be hoodwinked by anyone even remotely connected to their...
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    Swing and a Missed, Sandman

    Covington Catholic student Nick Sandmann loses defamation lawsuits against Rolling Stone, CBS, ABC, NYT, and Gannett MARK FRAUENFELDER 12:51 PM WED JUL 27, 2022 Former Covington Catholic High School student Nick Sandmann lost his defamation lawsuits against Rolling Stone, CBS, ABC, NYT, and...
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    Just a Good Guy w/ Gun Defending Property(kinda)

    -Fck Texas- Texas grand jury declines to bring charges against a man who shot and killed a 9-year-old JASON WEISBERGER 7:36 AM WED JUL 20, 2022 A Texas gentleman fired into a pickup truck he mistakenly assumed his assailant would enter. Rather than realizing he had successfully defended...
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    Just too Gay

    NOAH’S ARK RELEASES ‘ANIMALS TOO GAY TO BOARD’ LIST 07JUL2016ALEX MAK - MANAGING EDITOR 6 Updated: Jul 11, 2022 11:54 Share on FacebookShare on Twitter Williamstown (KY) – Anyone who has ever set foot in the creationist themed museum in northern Kentucky has prayed for the opportunity to one day...
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    Das (not smart) Leader

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    Washington Heard You Greg
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    A new worry, what if they win

    Politico's Playbook: "On Sunday, JENS STOLTENBERG, NATO’s secretary general, summed up the implications of these developments: “Ukraine can win this war.” And that is exactly the problem according to a growing number of western officials and analysts who fear the fallout from what French...
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    Vlad the Destroyer

    Not doing well.
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    Tears and More Tears

    Jordan Peterson explains Antifa to no-one's satisfaction, least of all his ROB BESCHIZZA 6:02 AM TUE MAR 29, 2022 In this footage: Jordan Peterson, looking like he's been chained to a radiator in a Hezbollah safe house for two years, is challenged by right-wing provocateur Andy Ngo to explain...
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    Single @ Pipe

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    The Vaquero

    Such a great board:cheers:
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    White Male Students, Done!
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    The Prince, Done.
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    The Future

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    Twin Fins - Alkali SOLD Used in the MOTE boards. Perfect condition 10/10 $100 shipped
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    More Tyranny in CA and, Its Beautiful Man