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  1. JeffRSpicoli

    Scratching/Covering Name from board?

    Odd question, but in my earlier stages of building my quiver, unbeknownst to me, shapers added my full name to the dim box, I may be selling a couple of those boards, but would prefer to scratch my full name from the board, anyone have an easy/clean solution? -Sharpie won't be waterproof on...
  2. JeffRSpicoli

    Help My Local Shop: Cinnamon Rainbows

    Morning all, So there are only a few surf shops where I live, and the primary one has been destroyed by a fire that started in a restaurant next door. I went yesterday and scrubbed soot off of boards for a few hours, super saddening, the owner is like a zombie, you can just see the whole...
  3. JeffRSpicoli


    Seems like we've exhausted our leash string thread, or have we.... so let's go with wax...I'm generally speaking a Zog's guy, but suddenly jumped on the Sister Betsey's bandwagon...FU, Mrs. Palmer's, FCS? Maybe these companies should offer companion leash strings!
  4. JeffRSpicoli

    P-Pass Apr/May

    On my travels over the years have met two different sets of guys that have been to P-Pass and couldn't say enough about it, just awesome. So I'm looking to push my surf buddies to go to P-Pass this upcoming year in our typical travel window of mid-April into late May. -we are all regular...
  5. JeffRSpicoli

    Traction Pad Virgin

    So I've never used a traction pad, thinking of maybe adding one to my Ghost, as visually it seems to be asking for one with that round tail. What are people's experiences with making the adjustment, seems like some work to undo the effort once you add the pad.
  6. JeffRSpicoli

    Infinity Pocket Mini/Pocket Rocket

    Might need to start a YOLO Anonymous 12 step program...."accept the boards you have and accept there are boards you cannot have" Anyone with some insights on either model, really attracted to the Pocket Mini, short and high volume, any feedback would be great as the YOLO urge is strong. My...
  7. JeffRSpicoli

    Leash Replacement Theory

    What's your process on deciding to change an old leash for a new one? -beyond the cosmetic and wave conditions I guess mine is when my 6' leash becomes a 7' foot leash, but overall with fresh water washing and the leash technology today I think a leash could easily function for 5 years?
  8. JeffRSpicoli

    'Make or Break' AppleTV

    Didn't see a thread on this, I thought it was pretty decent, could have done a wider scope, but entertaining enough.
  9. JeffRSpicoli

    This will be an interesting experiment: British Columbia Is Decriminalizing Small Amounts of Drugs
  10. JeffRSpicoli

    MSW vs. Surfline Wave Heights

    Thoughts on the discrepancies between the two reports. I realize they run their models at different times and have different variables, but their waves heights are always different. Two screen shots of a spot, looking at Tuesday 4/26 for example 10ft max obviously for Surfline and MSW 4-6ft...
  11. JeffRSpicoli

    'Lie back and enjoy it.'

    Wow, I haven't given my daughter this talk yet.
  12. JeffRSpicoli

    CI Fever or Pyzel Ghost

    Really only looking at these two boards specifically as they are available OTR and do a trade at my local shop, maybe have shell out $200.00 Feel like my higher performance part of my quiver is lacking, seeing either of these for bigger quality surf/quasi step up: -both at the shop are 6' 4"...
  13. JeffRSpicoli

    6'6" CI Travel Light Coffin - CX3 - Triple. (SOLD)

    Travel bag, I think I only used it on one trip, ended up going with bag that could hold four boards. I'm on the east coast (north east) so would have to figure out shipping, but asking $200.00. It is up on my rack, if I get interest will I take photos and any details needed. Cheers...
  14. JeffRSpicoli site returns

    Just throwing this out there as 411, so whatevah... Hopefully taking a trip soon, ordered some travel type accessory from, don't like the item, sending it back. Their process is pretty convoluted and two things really stand out: 1. I have to pay to ship it back - no other company that...
  15. JeffRSpicoli


    Saw this posted quickly on another thread, but got it as an Xmas present and it's been awesome ('dank' for you younger lads). Like putting on new gear, I'll admit it doesn't dry stuff fast, but it gets the toe area of my booties dry, feels like I'm putting on new gear every time now, which is...
  16. JeffRSpicoli

    Indo Board [not Indonesia the balance board]

    Anyone have an INDO Board? I think a friend had one way back in the day, got an early gift card xmas present to an obscure website and it is on there. Have thought about getting one over the years, but so pricey.
  17. JeffRSpicoli

    Sawyer Single Fin

    A pretty relaxing video and review, never heard of him, but enjoy: Could be your next YOLO
  18. JeffRSpicoli

    Surf Shop Economics/Management

    Just curious, my biggest/best local shop is rather archaic, in the sense that the tools they use to sell product is like being back in the 90's, and it is a reputable shop. The website lists the brands of wetsuits they sell, but not the suits themselves; you walk in and there are ~1000...
  19. JeffRSpicoli

    AIPA Wrecking Ball

    I noticed on some posts some owners of the Wrecking Ball, didn't see, or could not find feedback on how it rides, etc. Any insights would be great, as I may have made a premature purchase, but it looks sweet to me.
  20. JeffRSpicoli

    San Diego Surf Trip?

    Just curious and might be more of "Vatican of Surf" trip, would love to check out Bird's Surf Shed, maybe even donate a board or two, head to Rusty's shop and pick up a board, or ten! In my mind analogous to picking up your Porsche in Germany, driving around on the Autobahn then shipping it...