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  1. manbearpig

    Wetsuit Zipper Repair

    My 3/2 the zipper tab completely broke off last year and so did the piece that holds it in. So I can’t replace with wire or anything. Anyone have any fixes before I try to bring it to a tailor? is this any good?
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    I think this one could hit 10 pages :dancing: :dancing:
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    I know what the Pittman Robertson Act is

    Let’s see where some of you stand on this. But first, participate in the poll.
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    Mainland Mex in February

    I got a wedding near by Sayulita coming this February I’m going too. Thinking about staying down there for a few weeks but not sure about surf. Baja is an option, but wouldn’t mind staying on the mainland, especially since I’ll have the lady in tow for the wedding. She’d be happy to tag along...
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    Anyone got a clue what this is? -Drug related

    We had a bit of a situation with a dog/house sitter while I was in Puerto Rico and my girl was in NOLA. Long story short I had to kick the woman out of the house at 3am with the help of a family member who was there while I was in PR after getting notified my dog was barking nonstop since 7pm...
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    Craigslist Yolo Aipa

    Just nabbed this never ridden Akila Aipa off Craigslist. Pretty stoked as I’ve had one of his HP twins in the past and it was magic. This one’s a bit different with a slightly wider nose and tail. But also many similarities. Rails felt very familiar as did the rocker and double concave to vee...
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    CI Free Scrubber

    I thought I read somewhere that this was a new twin model coming out. Any of you guys “in the know” know?
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    Nu Rythmo

    I know it’s a little older. I remember the shots and the surfers journal article but what a perfect little wave. Helps that Mikey February is one of the most enjoyable surfers to watch. Now who’s got the scoop as to where in west Africa this wave is?:computer:
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    Noble people of the Errb, donations?

    I’m going down to Nicaragua in a month and the place I’m staying at mentioned donations are welcome. I was planning on bringing three boards down to donate to local groms and stuffing the bag with anything else I could find. However, these boards are all FCS which I no longer use nor have any...
  12. manbearpig

    Noble People of the Errb- South America in March

    Trying to plan a 1-2 week trip in March. Kind of lost on where to go to be honest wanted to see what others experienced this time of year. I’m leaning toward either Chile or Argentina. I don’t know much about the latter, just that the waves can get fun in spots and it’s talked about less. I like...
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    New true Ames twin

    TA Twins Never used. Glass $70
  14. manbearpig

    Boar pron- Mike Woo

    Had to share this carbon wrapped Mike Woo twin I came across. Anyone ridden one? Looks similar to Aipa’s template.
  15. manbearpig

    Overheard in…. Politics edition

    What have you overheard in relation to politics? What did that mean lefty soshilist in the table behind you say to its non binary comrades? What about the white supremacist right winger on the phone while pumping gas? ill start…. overheard in fried chicken spot (among other hilarity’s): “joe...
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    Salmon Creek Shark Attack?

    One of the surf shops posted a report of an attack. Was my homebreak when I lived that way. @Kento you good?
  17. manbearpig

    Great White North

    One of my favorite quick films. Came out when I was really into exploring every nook and cranny of the north east on every swell.