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    Why did a private social media company do the bidding of the Biden White House and punish someone for telling the truth? paywall...
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    ***Official list of words that have recently been redefined by psychopaths to fit their political agenda thread***

    Vaccine Anti Vaxxer Recession Woman Racist Hate Speech = basically anything that makes someone to the left of Hillary Clinton uncomfortable Violence = Hate Speech as defined above Mostly Peaceful Social Justice Protest = Violent Protest/Rioting (as long as its for a good cause!) Transphobe = not...
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    The lunatics are running the asylum: The extremes represent <10% at each end of the spectrum and are over-represented on social media

    Great article a social psychology professor who is about as fairly balanced as it gets (admits to being left leaning): TLDR; interesting take home points: -The extreme left and extreme right make up...
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    Activist SCROTUM Dafuq
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    colonoscopy lubes

    What's your preference? Do you go with the same brand year round, and do you change it up based on the dims of the probe? Or do you take it like a man and go lubeless :unsure: :toilet: :drowning:
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    Disney is conditioning us for what will soon be the new normal (eating bugs related)

    First segment of this video :toilet: I've seen 3rd world jail cells that are nicer than this :drowning:
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    Best way to appeal/respond to California FTB (Taxes)?

    Accidentally used the wrong code on my tax return as it pertains to health coverage and it triggered fine of ~$2800 :drowning: Of course, CA FTB assumes you are guilty and gives very little info about how to appeal, what forms to include, and whether I should reply via email or mail or fax. I...
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    Netflix tells employees to grow up and grow a pair, or gtfo

    The marketplace of ideas has spoken :beer: :roflmao:
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    I keep reading here Elementary children are not being groomed . . . . :roflmao: ONLY ON REDDIT
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    Will Democrats ever stop gaslighting and own the experiment that they forced children into, & its negative impacts on early learning and development?

    Not to mention the disproportionate impact on minorities and low income students, who they like to pretend they advocate for but really just use as props? Truly disgusting people.
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    Is Covid still a thing?

    Interesting how quickly it disappeared from the news cycle once the Ukraine war started :unsure: Seems that all we had to do was move on with our lives and it would go away. . . So why didn’t we do this sooner? It’s almost like the media and a certain ilk intentionally kept it alive long after...
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    Defund the Police has worked out great for Portland

    Went from 20 murders per 100k in 2015 to over 90 in 2021 . . . . 4.5X increase. Do Black Lives only matter when the police do it :unsure: :drowning:
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    The Real Reason for the Russian Invasion of Ukraine (***ErBB related, not political, mods please don't move to the foil forum) "The dish was named after Count Alexander Grigorievich Stroganoff and originated in Odessa, in 19th century. There’re two versions of the dish’s origin. According to the first one, Beef Stroganoff was invented by the French chef...
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    Government Mandated Child Abuse Leads to Increased Mental Health Problems for Children

    Shocker. But at least we protected our teachers! :toilet:
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    Unmasked children are a public health threat, but people defacating in the streets are not

    . . . . In San Francisco. Party of Science! :roflmao:
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    Has RDS Eclipsed TDS?

    :unsure: :roflmao: It definitely has, and looks like they are now one in the same :ROFLMAO:
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    Fart Rising Smell Today

    I knew that leftover Stroganoff had been in the fridge a bit too long :toilet: :drowning: -Spoonfish, Out! :beer:
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    2nd time torn labia

    Carl Hungus checking in :beer:
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    Why is acquired immunity being dismissed? Seems that it works pretty well and is worth evaluating further? Why not consider a certain level of antibodies to be the equivalent of a vaccine? :unsure: