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  1. Ifallalot

    Long COVID = Fibromyalgia = Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

    White women must be stopped
  2. Ifallalot

    She gets it

    The Italian people are saving themselves from the globalists can’t wait to hear how this is “fascism”
  3. Ifallalot

    Bipartisan Unification

  4. Ifallalot

    Las Vegas Shooting

    BTW, the man killed was the last reporter investigating the Las Vegas shooting
  5. Ifallalot

    All bad things lead back to Cheney
  6. Ifallalot

    Defund Police, Replace with Social Workers

    big time physiognomy check here
  7. Ifallalot

    But it’s the market causing this!

    Just another conspiracy theory coming true
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  9. Ifallalot

    More Systemic Racism!

  10. Ifallalot

    They want you to be weak and fat

  11. Ifallalot

    Nature Heals

  12. Ifallalot

    Maverick was right, all hail L Ron

  13. Ifallalot

    Clown World Today
  14. Ifallalot

    Remember whining about authoritarianism?

  15. Ifallalot

    Everyone who disagrees with me is a Nazi

  16. Ifallalot

    Sunday Good News

  17. Ifallalot

    A heartwarming story