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    WTB: 10' Board bag and 9" + fin (Greenough, Dobson, Ca Classic, etc)

    I used to think that these WTB posts were so dumb, but they seem to work here and there. Manifesting and all that. So here goes: I've got a longboard coming my way. 9'9". I'm looking for an affordable used day bag for it. I'm not traveling with this beast, so I don't need a hardcase or coffin...
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    WTB: Longboard

    I'm considering getting a longboard to add to the quiver to expand the low end of days to surf. I"m not trying to spend a tone of money, but I'm a bit of a snob. I rode plenty of longboards when I was younger, competed a bit, I just don't have one now. My old longboard lives at my moms house...
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    WTB 6'10" - 7'0" board bag

    Looking for a used bag for a 6'10" step up that won't get a lot of use and won't travel. So I'm just scrounging for a bag to keep it from getting scuffed up in the garage or getting in and out of the car. Preferably not a wide, hybrid/eggy nose bag, but if it's cheap enough, it's not a deal...
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    Mid Year Cut

    Beach Grit reporting from the live stream..... Leave it to pro surfers to wait until NOW to freak out about the mid year cut instead of speaking up before the year ever started. I think the cut is BS< but the time to speak on it was back in November you dolts.
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    WTB: Pyzel Quad or 5 Fin Set: Futures

    Or any other balanced quad/5 fin set.
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    Board Bags?

    What do you use for day bags/storage? When I was a younger man, I never used them. Lessons learned the hard way. I have a newborn, so it's not like I'll be needing a travel bag anytime soon, but what are you rocking for your everyday throw-in-the-car, toss-on-the-rack, or don't-ding-me-at-home...
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    WTB: Kids bike seat

    Thule Yepp Next Maxi or Ridealong Rack mount Anyone not using theres anymore?
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    Campbell Light Vehicle 750 w fin

    Rough pics of @thesurboardcollective ig story. Check there for video
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    Roof Racks

    I need to get roof racks on my car. Primarily, it'll be for boards, but I might consider a cargo rack at some point. I doubt I'll ever go full cargo box. 2017 Prius V. Anyone have anything positive or negative to say about the racks/crossbar assembly they have used? Prius specific or otherwise...
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    Rental Cars

    Enterprise set me up with a nicely packaged VW Passat. Probably 2017/18 or so.It's great, but I could use something that I can fit boards in with a car seat in the back. Anyone know of a way to actually SEE what your local rental agency has in stock without calling them? I picked a "standard"...
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    WSL and Gambling

    Does anyone in the US use an app or website to put money on WSL events? I've looked into it a few times and I've always come up with nothing. I'd imagine I could get a different VPN, but I've never gone that far.
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    Nerds: Anyone suggest an affordable wifi solution?

    Long story short: The new apartment isn't big (under 1000 sq. ft), but it's 100 year old building techniques and configuration (Long hallway with rooms to one side all the way down) seem to really mess with our wifi signal. The internet provider suggested a wifi mesh system. My wife and I are...
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    WTB: 8'0" board bag

    I'm looking to pick up a used boardbag for a mini glider. Pointier nose than round if possible but not mandatory. I hope I can find one for less than $50. If you want to get rid of one, let me know.
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    Round Toe booties

    Anyone have some they swear by? Split toe boots make my big toe hurt and go numb. I've liked my Rip Curl 5 mils, but they are currently sold out.
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    6'10" Channel Islands K Step Up $300 6'10" x 19 1/2 x 2 5/8 I bought this years ago. It was new, but Surf Ride Oceanside had put a lovely pressure ding in it while it was in their care (pressure ding pictured). I've ridden it once (the...
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    Hip Surgery

    Anybody have hip surgery stories? If you're keeping score, my hip flexor/groin zone has had a nagging pain since August last year. I had my primary check it out, she ruled out a hernia, mentioned it could be referred pain from a disc issue. I rested it for a few weeks. I was still able to run...
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    Car shopping

    ERbb braintrust: I sold my 01 Tacoma roughly 2 years ago and bought a used 2015 Vw Golf Sportwagen Diesel with 20k on it. It's been phenomenal, but now it has 103k on it and I'm looking to pass it on before issues start to arise. German cars are typically a bit $$ to maintain after warranties...
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    GoFundMe for Ethan Prestage, Todd Prestage's son.

    GoFundMe link for Ethan Prezzo Ethan and a crew of kids 8 kids were in a horrific car accident in Carlsbad the other night. One child, Jack Munday, died on the scene. Ethan is still in the ICU and a really difficult condition. If you want more info, feel free to google it, but I'm not posting...