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    I feel like I lost my son today

    Today I said goodbye to my 19 year old best friend as he left for his career as a rescue swimmer in the US Coast Guard. I am supposed to be proud of him, and I am, more than words can describe, but I am a mess and can't even begin to understand how to live without him now as we did together for...
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    Best Travel Bag?

    What's the latest on travel bags for 2-3 short boards up to 6'4? Anyone find something they really like that has prevented probably damage recently? I typically pack 3 boards in a 4-board coffin with tons of bubble wrap and that usually does the trick. Next trip coming up I may only need to take...
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    Macaronis Resort?

    Who has been? I am looking to book a trip over in that area for my 50th. Macaronis looks like a pretty good place to land camp with several waves near by. I know there are a lot of you who have traveled this region or surrounding areas that can share some great advice here! I would consider a...