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  1. sussle

    RIP Alan

    Aka AB, SE NC local surfer passed a few days ago... probably not known from here by anyone here , but he lived, worked, and surfed just about everywhere else in the world and knew a lot of people along the way. Paralyzed in a surfing accident in Fiji in 2010, he hung in there as a quadriplegic...
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    does this need it's own thread?

    probably not. :roflmao:
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    Father's Day in Beverly Hills

    the art of condescension : "you're standing there in those clothes and getting loud with me?" pushed him right over the edge :roflmao: times like this, i really miss California
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    Stacy Peralta doc about Lopez, screening in Encinitas next week - any of you CA guys up for this? Looks decent, would watch this in a heartbeat :cheers:
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    RIP Ray Liotta

    damn, not much older than myself. he was a Good Fella, maybe the best :cheers:
  6. sussle

    ban the Bible

    in Florida schools? fook yeah :jamon: the bible is the blueprint for wokeness - completely inappropriate content. this is where it all began - i'm sure we can all agree on this...
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    The brown shirts lose. :cheers:
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    Hawaii - is this as tragic as it looks?

    what's the break like?
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    trigger finger

    add trigger finger to the long list of medical issues i never thought would happen to me. anyone had an episode of this? just got my second shots - hurts like a mofo o_O
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    My response to Skully's response to Gromsdad's response to bvendley on climate

    :waving::cursing::poke::socrazy: who's up next?
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    RIP Eddie

    you may recall him as Meatloaf but he will always be Eddie to me :cheers: dead at 74
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    one of ours

    NC's finest....the Boy Congressman, posturing for the vets.
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    go Niners!

    epic game. my oldest is a Niners fan, my 12 y/o is a Saints fan. somebody was gonna get hurt tonight and it turned out to be the boy. he's crushed :violin:
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    Trump has a new asshole this morning:roflmao:
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    3 kooks from Riverside

    a little long but interesting. don't understand why the longboard didn't get punished in the end:shrug: maybe these fellas didn't want revenge in their YT channel
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    Clownworld Attempted Coup Report which Clownworld does everything possible to overturn a legit election. here's the report: Staff Report FINAL.pdf if you don't like it but don't read it, then stfu. someone should go to jail...
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    enzyme derived from pineapple stem, may help promote joint/muscle health, and gastro/digestive functions. curious if there's anything to it, and if so, it must have a place somewhere in traditional Hawaiian healing practices. was wondering if any of our Hawaiian friends on here are familiar...
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    Bulk Surveillance

    this one's for all the iPhone owners...Apple plans to scan all your phones, as well as iCloud accounts, ostensibly looking for kiddie porn. a bad idea on a number of levels, but no surprise - it is exactly what iPhone users signed up for, whether they know it or not. the proverbial slippery...
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    BFR/Occlusion Bands/Kaatsu?

    been reading that use of these bands is all the rage at the Olympics....for strength training and joint rehab. am trying to rehab a knee injury and there seems to be some agreement on the effectiveness of this technique. anyone have any informed thoughts on the subject? :waving: edit: also...