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    Anyone missing from the ERBB?

    Financing the next surf trip
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    Looking to make the big bucks?

    I can see now that I could have chosen a more lucrative career path. I remember when this was not much more than a minimum wage temp job, at least on the East Coast Big money for beach bums
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    Here's a surprise

    Cleaner air = more hurricanes :shrug:
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    Moving to Malibu

    I'm thinking of relocating to Malibu. Does anyone know how far this house is from first point? Any other rideable waves nearby?:waving: Malibu beach house
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    Rogue Waves

    Canadian rogue wave Why can't I find waves like that when I'm in the water? :waving:
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    Good old days

    Temperature this morning is 4 degrees. Spent the day yesterday dealing with chest high snow drifts. Iguanas are falling out of the trees in Florida because the temps are so low there. Remember the good old days when the hottest topic on the ERBB was global warming? Those hyperbolic warnings...
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    Fitness tracker

    Anyone use a fitness tracker for swimming in the pool and ocean? I'm looking for something that will track laps, time and distance. I don't want to pay big bucks for a device that will measure my aura or tell me that I'm stressed out.
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    Goodbye post

    This will probably be my last post as I evidently am not likely to survive much longer. I just found out that I am under severe threat from a "Bomb Cyclone" that is hammering my area. We used to just have snowstorms. Now climate change has produced these "Bomb Cyclones". :bricks::bricks::bricks:
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    Science is real

    Singing trees and space travel :shrug:
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    Global warming strikes again

    Glad I don't live here :bricks:
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    Leash recs

    Had some head high waves yesterday and my leash finally failed. Any suggestions on best brands and/or what to avoid? Just standard shortboard use. Not planning on appearing in the next season of 100 foot wave.
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    Anyone ever surf this spot?

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    Swim fins

    My old Churchill swim fins have finally deteriorated to the point of failure. I see that there is now a much larger variety of choices from Churchill. Any recommendations on pros & cons of the various styles offered?
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    Bored in CA?

    Any explanation? You zany Californians
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    East Coast lifeguards

    I guess the qualifications to work as a lifeguard have been relaxed a little bit since I took the test. What is especially pathetic is that the swell was not noteworthy, even by East Coast standards. Look at the pictures at the end of the story. Lifeguards rescued Do you think these guys could...
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    Fatal shark attack in Japan

    Shark attack victim in Japan
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    Solar eclipse

    We had a solar eclipse this morning just after sunrise. The temperature is now much lower than it was at this time yesterday. I think I may have discovered the solution to global warming. :unsure:
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    Wave pool down under

    Best looking concept I've seen. Seems like it will be a lot more commercially viable than other designs. Aussie wave pool
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    Any of our ERBB members make the list?

    Millionaire lifeguards
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    Zoom background video

    Anyone have a suggestion on finding a surfing video loop that works as a Zoom background? I'd love one shot from in the tube at Skeleton bay. :waving: