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    Florence Marine Sale

    John John’s wife is the only female on board? :shrug:
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    The Purge coming to Illinois?

    Could get interesting :cool:
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    Different strains....

    The Haze. Oldschool Sativa grown by an Oldschool guy in his 60’s
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    Aloha Fr!day!

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    Turds from TJ ... Free of Charge Amigo!

    Time for the cartel to step it up. A total win for everyone!
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    We'll miss you so much Greg - RIP Greg Griffin

    not going to lie, that Hovercraft shape he has looks fun for small mushy summer waves. Green Barrels for Greg! Aloha Sir
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    Pros who were "Cancelled"

    Bruce got quiet after that DWI thing a few years ago. Before that he was on board with Snapt traveling with Koby and Betet in Indo, and still surfing.
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    Wanna Be Vloggers?????

    What’s his YouTube channel name? We can clown on him there
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    What do you put Ketchup on?

    Banana Ketchup is where it’s at
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    Different strains....

    Biscotti X Gushers Certified Pressure Biscotti
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    *** Official Surfing Videos Thread***

    Andy and the Radicals
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    *** Official Quiksilver/Roxy Pro G-Land Contest Thread ***

    Another finals day in less then ideal condition. :sleep::sleep::sleep:
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    Different strains....

    Apples And Bananas Rainbow Belts #41 X The Pink
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    Different strains....

    if outdoor is so much better, why does indoor grown cannabis sell anywhere from $2-6k a unit, While sun Grown is less then $600 a unit?
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    Different strains....

    300 a qp of what? Indoor, outdoor, greenhouse/deps? Electricity costs money. I’m on the east coast in an illegal state. A friend in NJ said legal sales are $60 an eighth for boof warehouse weed.
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    Different strains....

    Lava Cake. Not too bad at $200 a oz
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    Different strains....

    Vape carts are the equivalent of hotdog water. If you knew what actually went into them, you wouldn't go anywhere near them. No way in hell are they turning top shelf flower (Not they they produce it anyway) into distillate. Then they add terpines to fool the customers into thinking they have...
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    Other words for poop or pooping

    Floating the Corn Barge
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    Anyone got a clue what this is? -Drug related

    Flush that baggie and get on with life. Definitely don’t call the cops. Just my $0.02
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    Different strains....

    Happy 420 to the stoners! Todays scoop Unicorn Poop Jacks Cleaner