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    Stab E.A.S.T. with Mick

    I thought Schroff was gonna act more like Webber did, and in fact he was the one to suggest they used the haipto crypto as the base for their board collaboration. I thought that was pretty cool from him. but then he was like, do you even know how to handshape??? hahahah Brink seems very...
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    Lost 1996 Round Nose Fish?

    Holy sht. A mayhem at 2.60 sounds like a boat. I always felt lost’s boards have more volume than whats written on those descriptions. Like for example a vol.30 @ stretch feels less than a 30 vol. Lost. Was your board made in hawaii?
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    ***Official 2022 Community Surf Journal***

    I was dumb enough to go again today. big mistake. should have stayed home... didn't even bother taking a photo. way bigger (secs went from 12 to 16). Lots of paddling and hard to stay in position. basically big mushburguers, with a few good in betweeners. Closeouts and rip tides. Had to swim a...
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    ***Official 2022 Community Surf Journal***

    Fun today at my local. Before the actual swell hits.
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    ***Official Surf Podcast Thread***

    Dave Parmenter's on, surf splendor I think. a while back. very interesting
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    ***Official 2022 Community Surf Journal***

    fun at the rivermouth,,, lots of current also
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    Gonna be in San Jose del Cabo for 9 days. What to do?

    surf wise - Cerritos can get fun, and Migriño
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    Where to go in Mexico for fun waves and good vibes?

    I surfed small Pascuales. Very fun...
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    stretch boards support and board pron thread

    woottt??? well I thought buzzsaw is just a pointy nosed version of the superbuzz.. buzzsaw paddles really well.
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    stretch boards support and board pron thread

    hey u guys,,so either this board is pretty sick, OR we've been having a good run of waves lately. best Stretch I've had . does everything the quad fish does, but turns like a shortboard! as drivey as the fish, but easier to turn. I think it just works really good in the types of waves I...
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    Lost 1996 Round Nose Fish?

    ok so how do you size these damn things??? a little over standard shortboard volume/sort of?? I supposed...
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    stretch boards support and board pron thread

    yes. they said he asked for lower tail rocker
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    stretch boards support and board pron thread

    really liking this one. BUZZsaw "pool version" which is supposed to have a mellower rocker. left - square one 5'10x19.38 buzz is 5'8" I think, x 19.50. I think I prefer a longer rail line than the super buzz. Prob super buzz more fun in smaller surf...
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    Watch out! Cyclist coming through

    Hello Lookin for advice on a road bike. Had a 65.1 dogma. Any model/brand you guys would recommend? I’ve been ridin casually for many years since i fckd my knee. Around 60-140kms a week. Sometimes more, sometimes less. Cheers…
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    Bocas Los Toros?

    hola. yes you guys are spot on in everything you've said. I kinda prefer to stay on the main island (Isla Colon), just because you can go walk at night, have a drink, dinner or whatever. And yes fun waves, not scary huge, but scary enough for me I guess. If you're in Panama, is kinda you...
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    5'9" Stamps Fuse

    double loop it!!!
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    Riding a fish at performance shorty volume??

    I wanted to try this. BUT. another thing you can explore is a lighter glass job. I think I wrote about this already, but a friend has a stretch Quadfish which I order a copy of, immediately after riding his. I've had mine for years now, and after many sessions I can say that they do not...
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    What is your can't go wrong board for low to average surf?

    easy - Stamps Flare. put it this way: I'm a very mediocre surfer and the other day, the board (not me), took to the air!!! I was like, wtf!!! of course I fell after. alsi, I think mine has wider nose.