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    Mast length

    Does anyone here prone or sup surf a longer mast?
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    I have a quad fin longboard like Ben Aipa used to make. 9 x 24 x 4 I only use it in big surf in Hawaii that requires covering ground quick. For some reason the fins on it seem off. The board is super sensitive to turns and seems to turn way too sharp on even the slightest amount of input...
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    Learning to Wing

    Anyone have recommendations on setup and how to learn to wing? I have a Naish 2450 and a Naish 1300. I am proficient at foiling and would like to learn fly a wing and foil. I am looking at Starboard SUP to use. Found a line on one for a good deal. 6'6 x 30 x 5. Is that a good one to use...
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    Hate Crime Charges Brought Against Maui Individuals Can’t find the thread we previously discussed this in. Seems that they are going to be charged for federal hate crimes now...
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    Makua VLOG

    19+ minutes of pure cringe. I couldn’t even get two minutes in. His ridiculous accent. His “advice” ugh. So bad. TJ Barron needs to give Makua another tune up. Been too long.
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    Mandala Selling my 6’0 Carbon Fiber Mandala Open to trades as well. After getting burned on my mid length I gotta replace it so I have to sell this to buy one
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    EPS board turned scratchy and white then started sweating

    Like the title says. Got board. Bottom turned white and scratchy looking (see pics). You can run your fingers over it and feel the fiberglass weave and doesn’t feel smooth at all. This was my go to board. Used it extensively. When I noticed the glass on the bottom looking like this I...