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    The Purge coming to Illinois?

    Could get interesting :cool:
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    Brazzo Shoots board at opponent, claims accident

    What would you do?
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    Billabong house looks Gay friendly

    Came across this video today. All pro surfer dudes, not one chick. Lots of hugging and other weird bare chested stuff going on. What happened to surfing to make it like this? Glad I don’t own any billabong gear
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    Snapt 4 Premiere

    Starts at a 8:00pm EST linkey———> :jamon::cheers:
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    Andy and The Radicals

    Always loved Andy’s surfing. Is it worth the $10 for the month subscription?
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    Volcom Houses up for sale?

    $2.5, $3.5 million for the shack and the Lopez house. Seems like a deal to me?!