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    Does anyone make something like this...

    I've become addicted to the glide of my 7'0 mid length. Really nice smooth turns, good wave catching ability but mostly it's the feel of the planing area. Recently I grabbed my brother's Lost RV to try something different. Even though it's only 5'7, it's 21 inches wide and gives me some of that...
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    Modern board like Lost RV

    Grabbed my brothers 5 or 6 year old mint condition RV yesterday and wholly crap that thing went so well. It's 5'7 x 21 x 2 3/8 and just was a rocket ship in waist to chest high little Earl leftovers. I sold my 5'5 Bottom Feeder years ago and forgot how well these things work. Was thinking of...
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    Anyone ridden a Pyzel Wildcat?

    Looks good, curious how they ride.
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    Broken back fin notch thingy in Futures box

    The little bit of plastic that slides into the notch in the back of the fin in the futures box of my pretty new CI twin pin cracked off. Figure not a big deal as the pressure from the grub screw will keep the fin in place but wondering if anyone has had this issue and if it's worth trying to fix...
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    Anyone ridden a MOTE Fiji?

    Thinking about ordering a MOTE Fiji but never having seen one in person, much less ridden one, I'd be curious to know if anyone has ridden one and how they go and in what conditions. Was thinking of it as a step up/travel board for when my local beach break gets bigger and more hollow and then...
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    Boardbag for 7'0 egg airline travel

    Usually travel pretty minimal with 1 or 2 short boards in a 6'0 or 6'3 narrow boardbag but thinking I might want to bring my 7'0 x 21 1/2 egg on a trip along with 1 shortboard. Haven't bought a new travel bag in ages. Who makes a good bag that will fit an egg and a shortboard but isn't overly...
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    New Britt Merrick Twin Fins for the CI Twin Pin

    Wondering if anyone has experience with the new Britt Merrick Twin Fins for the CI Twin Pin. They are supposed to be a compromise between MR style fins and keels. However they look pretty big for such a narrow tailed board. Anyone tried them out in the twin pin? Just picked one up and haven't...
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    Pyzel Crisis Twin

    Not sure if this is exclusive to the Boardshop UK but it popped up in my YouTube feed: Basically a shrunk down twin fin mid-length crisis. Looks pretty amazing. Not sure if it's something that will be widely available but perhaps if there's demand. Would love to see one of these with...
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    Good hooded 4/3?

    Looking to replace my old hooded 4/3 Drylock. It's probably 5 years old and was a great suit. Now the wrist seals are shreded and won't stay down over gloves and it's lost some warmth. The newer Drylocks I've bought kinda suck so I'm over Xcel. Looking for a new hooded 4/3. Prefer one with...
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    Anyone ridden a Lost Cobra Killer or Son of Cobra Twin Pin?

    Curious if anyone had ridden one of these and their thoughts on it. Have seen both and wondering how that super deep double concave in the tail works in real life. Very pretty curves but not sure how they translate to actual waves.
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    WTB FCS MR Twin trailer fin

    Anyone have an extra tailer fin for an FCS (original) MR twin set?
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    Smooth wetsuit top with trunks connector

    Anyone recommend a nice smoothie wetsuit top that has a loop to lace to your trunks. My old Xcel one is shot and I tried an O'Neill front zip one but it had no loop so concerned it would end up riding up. Short back zip, front zip whatever just need smoothie and trunk connector.
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    5'9 Hypto Krypto Step Up (Long Beach, New York)- $425

    5'9 x 19 5/8 x 2 3/8, 29.3 liters. Hypto Krypto Step Up Surfboard in Future Flex construction. Board is designed as a step up from the original Hypto Krypto with a longer, narrower outline and a little more rocker and a swallow tail. Still has a good amount of foam under you chest for paddling...
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    Pyzel Shortcut as Ghost Alternative

    Have a Ghost that is a great board in good waves. However I'm kinda wanting something a little more alt- wider nose and tail, maybe a little less rocker and not as turn on a dime as the Ghost. Wondering if anyone has ridden both or even just the Shortcut and could give me some feedback. Was...
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    CI Twin Pin

    This came up in another thread but thought I'd pull it out for discussion: Looks pretty good to me.
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    Done with Xcel. Need a new warm hooded 5/4

    After 20 years of wearing Xcel suits my last two kinda suck. Bought new 4/3 and 5/4 hooded Drylocks last year and they both leak in the seat and just aren't as warm as they used to be. Sent them back to have seats re-sealed but no improvement. Think the tape is now narrower and the seat...
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    Older northeast guys, what are you riding in solid winter surf?

    Curious what people ride in solid winter surf in a 5/4 boots/gloves/hood. Despite having lived on the east coast forever I've never really gotten my mid winter board dialed. I've finally stopped riding my undersized shortboards but am really wanting something with more foam that still fits the...
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    Anyone ridden a lost Evil Twin

    Wondering if anyone has ridden one of these. Is it kinda of a novelty board or does it really work? I'm always a little skeptical of boards designed for multiple fin configurations. Even with 5 fin options I usually find they work better either as a quad or a tri. But something like this with...
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    Anyone used the Billabong Furnace Zipperless?

    Can get a deal on one of these but skeptical about zipperless after having used chest zip for years with no problems. Wondering if anyone has experience with this suit.
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    Longer Groveler

    Sold my Bottom Feeder a year or two ago because I was kinda over the feeling of a wide, short, slabby groveler. But I'm sort of in the mood for something similar but a little more drawn out and less slabby. My BF was 5'5 x 20.5 x 2.38 or something like that, about 30 liters. Worked great in...