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    Boardroom show coming up who gonna be YOLO dropping

    Uh, its$502.50, don't forget the fee.
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    *** Official Fin Thread ***

    I don't disagree. I might be missing out on something, but ill take predictable.
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    *** Official Fin Thread ***

    Too bad GG can't weigh in. I will take a guess - "Marketing". I would have to agree with him.
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    ***Official Surf Podcast Thread***

    Bass seems like one of those guys that would take off on you multiple times and not even acknowledge it.
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    ***Official Surf Podcast Thread***

    You can also learn what tea he is drinking.
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    Brian Stelter Canceled?

    operation hardhat
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    i love being at the beach, but.....

    that's what I usually go by
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    i love being at the beach, but.....

    have you tried el toro bravo off 17th in Costa Mesa?
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    L.A. Drivers ... R.I.P. Anne Heche

    I had a friend lose his son this way. 1/2 mile into the freeway closure. he was running a saw cut machine so hopefully he never saw what was coming. it was a drunk driver. I notice lately they park loaders or other heavy equipment inside the closure to try to prevent this.
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    L.A. Drivers ... R.I.P. Anne Heche

    its like both of them were suicide attempts
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    Clay Marzo won a contest

    Very cool for chemistry surfboards who are great guys.
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    U.S. Open Huntington

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    We'll miss you so much Greg - RIP Greg Griffin

    Racer, for what it is worth, GG was highly complimentary of your surfing
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    Gonna be in San Jose del Cabo for 9 days. What to do?

    lots of nice restaurants don't got to the east cape though. its hard to get to, inconsistent, and can have flash floods
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    Get together and surf Griffins

    I would love to participate. I dont post a lot, but I ended up with quite a few griffins. I dont usually got to Boardroom anymore, but I would go for this.
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    The best pizza?

    F me, im doing paleo right now.
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    We'll miss you so much Greg - RIP Greg Griffin

    I get strange looks from my bro's when I show up with a 5 fin. When show up with my 3 fin hovercraft they say "you need to get a normal board". The only problem is that they work.
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    Goodbye my dear friend

    Sorry for your loss. they are truly members of the family. hang in there
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    *** Official Griffin Surfboards Thread ***

    I totally agree. I think there is a lot to be said for letting a Shaper do his "thing". I mostly have Parmenters and GG boards. both great, but different philosophies.
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    How to do a cutback. Tips???

    Parmenter had(probably still has) a great cutback