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    Composite Stringers

    I'm sure this has been mentioned before but just curious. Not being a board builder or particularly knowledgeable about materials it seems to me that with shaping machines being so accurate and glass and foam being consistent. The biggest hurdle for copying a magic board would be variations in...
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    Bunion and bottom turns.

    I’ve got a large bunion on my right foot (regular foot) that has developed over my near 30 year surfing history. Odd thing is I’m convinced it’s purely from applying lots of pressure to my backfoot (I’m a regular foot). I have noticed in photos my backfoot is rarely flat on my board but more...
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    Board for Kelly's pool

    Got a spot booked for next month. Always said I would rather spend the same amount and go somewhere like Salina Cruz but with a 2 & 3 year old and demanding work schedule I haven't found the time for a week long surf trip in the last 3 years. Figured I would condense the surf trip into a handful...
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    T Patterson- Synthetic 84

    This looks like a good time. Anyone seen one in person?