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    Tofino: Done!

    Yep, you certainly just described Encinitas perfectly.
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    Anyone else remember "The Surf Report"

    Oh man, when I worked at the Surfer I used to go in the storage room at lunch and just randomly grab one of these and dream about all the cool places. I kept saying one day I would grab one of each to fill the binder, never got around to it. Wonder what happened to all of those boxes of all the...
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    Minor wound care, prevent the crater

    I'd challenge your opinion on limes not doing anything, ask any Tahitian how they have been taught for generations for wound care. I know first hand, and my US doc said that he would have not done anything different.
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    anyone have experience with travel trailers or toy haulers?

    Yes, I own a 26' toy Hauler. Use it for motocross trips and family camping trips. for this size, I pull it with a GMC 2500HD Diesel 4x4. Anything less and it would not be fun towing or braking. Pros, three queen beds and two twins. Full kitchen, dining, bathroom and shower. Great AC and heater...
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    I feel like I lost my son today

    Wow, now that was a reply! Great words and wisdom there. The last wave we rode he was in front of me, so I guess he owes me one! And yes, there was a bottle of rum involved that first night he was gone.
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    I feel like I lost my son today

    Well my friend, all I can say is enjoy every moment you can. Teach, encourage, support, and love. I think I did all those things right, my son seems to be as good as anything I could have ever hoped for... which is what makes it so hard to let him go.
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    I feel like I lost my son today

    Great words from all, thanks, some funny ones too!
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    I feel like I lost my son today

    Just left for boot camp for 2 months, and then 6 months for his special training as an AST (rescue swimmer). Long hard road ahead, only 20% on average make it through. He is an Encinitas lifeguard already, water polo player, scuba diver, surfer, etc. so hopefully he makes it!
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    I feel like I lost my son today

    Today I said goodbye to my 19 year old best friend as he left for his career as a rescue swimmer in the US Coast Guard. I am supposed to be proud of him, and I am, more than words can describe, but I am a mess and can't even begin to understand how to live without him now as we did together for...
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    Home security cameras - have they helped?

    Multiple Arlo cams around our house in Encinitas thinking it would deter the very common auto thefts and break ins. Didn't do a thing, theives just mask up and wear hoodies and you can't see anything and they know it. See peeps regularly on our cams and neighbors in the middle of the night that...
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    RIP Sunny Garcia?

    Someone once opined to me that celebs wouldn't be celebs, and athletes would be watched or paid if there were not fans, so by that logic fans are the reason people gain public status. If that is the case, then perhaps you could argue that those fans are why the celebs are celebs and athletes are...
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    RIP Sunny Garcia?

    I definitely would not want social media to be the outlet, but maybe some sort of more serious journalism report or story that would offer up some sort of status or closure for fans to be content with. Just seems like fans should also have some sort of closure to the ordeal instead of only...
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    RIP Sunny Garcia?

    I can't stop thinking about what happened to Sunny and how as a public figure, we the public have been shut out from every seeing or hearing from him again? He's not dead, he has fans, how is that he has just been erased from the public and we will never hear or see from him or anyone that can...
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    Kookiest locals???

    There is still a regular crew there that knows who is who, we all got assigned a number as part of the OB jetty crew but it has definitely been diluted with lots of newer faces in the last few years. And yes, hilarious acts that occur there, more so than just about any other spot I have witnessed.
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    Kauai rental cars?, not sure if prices are increasing there, but the best way to rent a local's car.
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    SURFLINE: 2-3 ft.

    Hey Flyinraptr - how often does that one northern beach break that is super A-Frames and super hollow break as good and as perfect as a certain surf camp Instagram makes it look? I surfed it recently, not clean like I see in all the posting on IG, might be the hardest beach break wave I have...
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    SURFLINE: 2-3 ft.

    At sunrise... remember when if you wanted to get some waves before the crowds got on it you could hit it at first light! Holy crap, at my local now there are 5-10 out in the dark, never was that way before Covid. Are there really that many new surfers just since Covid began or has the work from...
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    What's Your Number?

    How about Doc Ball skateboarding in his 90's!
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    What's Your Number?

    I have hung with dudes in their 70's and one who is 84 that still surf, sail, ride motocross, hike, camp, etc. I will absolutely be doing the same if no health issues get in the way. if I have to hang it up by 70, might as well put a gun to my head. Eat right, train and be healthy and barring...
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    Gas Prices

    Might be one of the first times I can recall gas being cheaper in the islands than here on the mainland...