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    September of 2022: What's your favorite board right now?

    My Hp panda shiitake
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    Craig on the Bobby Quad

    Unless it’s at Yuri’s homebreak which Craig would struggle due to his big belly and low volume boards
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    Craig on the Bobby Quad

    Would love to see a Craig vs. Yuri surf off
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    Noel Salad/Duke Aipa Dark Twinn review

    Curious, What was reason for Salas’ hip replacement?
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    panda shiitake HP

    They are actually pretty fun for the average middle age bro. Got a 6.4 and a 6.8 Shiitake I really like. Can be surf at longer lengths…Easy paddler, forgiving and easy to surf. HP enough for this old man. Works in peaky beach breaks or reefs…versatile May get a 6.6 in the future
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    Quiver Shots - Post 'em up!

    My old ones from a few years back. Do miss them from time to time
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    Best Sunblock 2021

    Been using Thinkbaby (non-chemical) sunblock for face, neck, ears but doesn't stay on the lips for very long. What's your favorite non-chemical lip sunblock for 2022. ?
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    Pyzel Ghost?

    What are your dims buyer and seller? …trying to get sizing ideas
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    WTB McNeill RTT 6'2"

    List it up, I might be interested as well
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    How many sessions do you give a new board

    Had a board on the market after 2 sesh and thought of putting another on the chopping block after 1 sesh. After a run of good swell and lots of time to surf…. I love all my boards now. Those 2 in particular maybe my favorite ones now….the first one just glides like no other and the 2nd one...
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    Greg Griffin RIP

    Never know when it’s your time to go. Sad to see GG go unexpectedly like this. Had spoken to him over the phone on a few occasions- when his Modfish was the talk of the erbb. Got a legit barrel on my first session on one of his thruster shapes with his famous hand foiled fins. RIP GG.
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    ***Official 2022 Community Surf Journal***

    Same spot as yesterday, which was a bit more powerful and textured. Today was all-time for this spot. A bit less consistent but cleaner . Lots of peaky left and got a surprise long right that was nice. Saw a 6’ shark breached next to a guy on the outside - kept my toes up for the rest of...
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    ***Official 2022 Community Surf Journal***

    4 days in a row at 3 different spots . Got acquainted with my 2 new twinzers. What a beautiful day today, to use an old 80’s word to describe the waves - it is “cranking” brah. looking forward to the peak of the swell tomorrow
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    Sent you a text
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    WTB: Ocean Racer, Ghostbuster, Bar of Soap

    Got a 5.6 Furrow Arc Tail quad mini-sims (Mandala's wife). x 20.5 x 2.5 nicely foiled like Mani's boards - that I might consider letting go. Lmk if you're interested, can shoot you some pics and the deets.
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    Lost MR California Twin

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    Why are traction pads $50?

    Have you bought from them before? Legit? Come in timely manner?
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    Lost MR California Twin

    For me, the CA twin paddled better and easier to get into waves. More fishy glide. RNF96 required more input to get going. Had the 96 in their light speed construction which I didn’t like.
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    Lost MR California Twin

    Had one, it’s better than any of the RNF iterations - including the latest rnf 96. will get another in better construction- lost poly is hit and miss
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    BMT twins?

    I've been using BMT and really like them. Loose and drivey on the Ci twin pin and my Zamora channel twin. Good blend of upright /keel.