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    subacromial shoulder bursitis?

    any one deal with this? Pain is if arm is out extended like holding bow and I flex or scrunch my left shoulder, or when arm is behind my back or when I'm holding my 1 year old, all get pain in the same spot at the front of the shoulder by where the clavicle runs into the ac joint. Also turning...
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    G land

    Is this the type of place to book far out in advance or just strike mission from Bali? If there was any wave that I'd want to travel to surf I think it'd be there. Any other insight appreciated
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    Regluing boardshort/wetsuit seams

    I've been buying a lot of vintage boardshorts for cheap on ebay and Poshmark as I hate short boardshorts became a thing. Been having good luck until today, I bought a pair of mirages and they have the seams glued instead of stitched. These were in like new condition but came out 8 years ago and...
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    *** Official Hunting Thread***

    Healey, wassel, Dorian, meola burner account s feel free to post your kills and delicious creations on the gril with wild game. @Waterlogged05 also let's see that 3 legged buck
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    Anybody try these corduroy tail pads?

    Anybody try one of these corduroy tail pads? How do they compare to your standard tailpad diamond or square grip? Having a hard time seeing how they would grip better than those. I can see how you won't that on a front pad but a tail pad? Side rant can't beilieve these damn things cost 50$ now
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    gunk in a finbox?

    Bought this used board a couple months ago and decided to now try it as a quad. Didn't realize until I tried to fit the rear quad fin in there's some gunk in the rear of the finbox. Only a little bit but just enough so the fin doesn't fit flush. No Idea what it is or how it got there but...
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    Breaking down various EPS/alt constructions

    Wondering if guys who have tried various eps/alt constructions can break down the best in terms of durability and flex/feel. so much marketing hype it's kinda hard to understand what works and what is bs. Probably forgetting some but these seem like the major ones. ci spintek lost carbon wrap...
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    Pyzel Gremlin vs Lost Rocket Redux (V3?)

    I'm looking at these 2 models, can anyone compare who has ridden them? Also if you have any insight into what has changed from the v3 to redux models of the rocket?