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  1. nolibos

    It only takes one aggressive longboarder or stand up paddler to……..

    To screw in a lightbulb? To cross the road? (not sure what's going on here).
  2. nolibos


    Thanks for the info. Way back in the mists of time I went to UCSB and I have a soft spot in my heart for that stretch of coast.
  3. nolibos

    Pyzel Mini Ghost

    Just picked up my 5'7" mini ghost. Can't wait to try it out. No surf in sight up here.
  4. nolibos


    I am thinking of doing a poor man's surf trip to Jalama from the SF bay area (I am tired of being cold and I can't afford to go to far). What is the minimum swell it needs to work? Might try to go in September. It's pretty sad that only wearing a 3/4 with no booties is as close as i'll get to...
  5. nolibos

    Dane Subdivision Suits

    I have about 150 sessions in my subdivision 4mm, since this last Fall. Before that I had the regular RB2 3/4mm. The straight 4mm is nice and warm for the most part, on the coldest days here is Sonoma/Marin county, I use a 1mm vest under my suit. The seam taping is starting to fray and the...
  6. nolibos

    Trying to make erBB board swapping easier

    Do you like piña coladas? and getting caught in the rain?
  7. nolibos

    ***Official 2022 Community Surf Journal***

    I've been doing my part, driving my car constantly, using plastic in all of its wonderful forms, but come on Global Warming. 47 degree water, and sh!tty waves
  8. nolibos

    ***Official 2022 Community Surf Journal***

    Saturday at around 6:30AM. Got worse with the quick ebb. Once I heard that the photographer was on the cliff, I couldn't find anymore waves.
  9. nolibos

    ***Official 2022 Community Surf Journal***

    There were a few over the weekend up here in Sonoma County. Just damn cold.
  10. nolibos

    Why are Alex Honnold and Tommy Caldwell so much smarter than Kelly Slater and Shane Dorian?

    Are surfers supposed to be smart? I watched two raccoons make sweet love in downtown Bolinas this morning at 5:15 am; no surf though.
  11. nolibos

    Only a Surfer knows the feeling....

    ...of discussing the properties of small pieces of plastic (fins) ad nauseum.
  12. nolibos

    ***Official 2022 Community Surf Journal***

    High thirties air temp. High forties water temp. 1-3 with the very elusive shoulder high, one wave set. Very bumpy from the high winds the previous afternoon. Did some serious groveling on the 5'4" Lost Bean Bag. Livin the California dream!
  13. nolibos

    Please stop discussing surfboards.

    The sales rep. called yesterday just to check in on my order and make sure everything was correct. Gotta say, Pyzel has their sh&t together. Should be arriving just in time for some summer south swell action here in the SF north bay area.
  14. nolibos

    Please stop discussing surfboards.

    I just order a Pyzel Mini Ghost-Squash and I don't want to hear about epic boards until after it comes. Thank you
  15. nolibos

    What Is Fugly In Surfing?

    Tired of hearing surf posers and/or hipsters saying "Rad".
  16. nolibos

    I don't believe in grovelers COME AT ME

    plus one on the Bean Bag. At 6' tall I shouldn't be able to ride the tiny waves I do on my 5'4" bean bag.
  17. nolibos


    Thicker than water. Good sound track. What's Really Going Wrong. There was a VHS I checked out from the Bolinas Library years ago, it featured Tom Carroll and some other Australian rippers in Indo in the later seventies. I forget the title, but it was cool to see the high point of single fin...
  18. nolibos

    SCOTUS: kneeling in sports

    Dang Christianity groomers.