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  1. nolibos


    I am thinking of doing a poor man's surf trip to Jalama from the SF bay area (I am tired of being cold and I can't afford to go to far). What is the minimum swell it needs to work? Might try to go in September. It's pretty sad that only wearing a 3/4 with no booties is as close as i'll get to...
  2. nolibos

    Please stop discussing surfboards.

    I just order a Pyzel Mini Ghost-Squash and I don't want to hear about epic boards until after it comes. Thank you
  3. nolibos

    Time to say goodbye to one of the unsung heroes of my surfing

    My plastic wetsuit bucket is ready for the recycle bin after 25+ years of hard service. Wetsuits, surfboards, beach towels, have come and gone, but the wetsuit bucket has always been there. RIP old friend.
  4. nolibos

    First having a foiler in the line up.

    Is this a sign of the apocalypse? Or, is this how the older guys felt when we showed up at Bolinas with our Morey Mack 7.7s in the early eighties?
  5. nolibos

    Gofundme for Eric Steinley (dude who got chomped on by a Great White last Sunday) What's more dangerous than surfing in the Red Triangle? Surfing in the Red Triangle without health insurance!
  6. nolibos

    Fin volume for my new wavestorm?

    What fin volume do you recommend for my wavestorm? Will the volume of my leash plug help/hurt my off the tops?
  7. nolibos

    Sonoma Coast?

    Anyone been out lately? I feel like the situation is changing day to day. Are the rangers giving out tickets?