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  1. stringcheese

    Clay Marzo won a contest

    I'm 75%ish sure that Marzo won a contest at Padang today. This might be from like 2012 and I'm just not seeing that in YouTube. No ***Official*** post that I found. If it's true, cool to see! Rizal on commentary. Also doesn't help identify the year.
  2. stringcheese

    ***Official Stanley Cup Thread***

    It's a bit late, being that there are only six games left in the Stanley cup finals. Was relying on @gbg to make the post but he didn't do it, probably too busy wheeling disappointed Carolina broads. Colorado. They're such a fvcking wagon. About to make so many disappointed Edmonton broads for...
  3. stringcheese


    Liking this show already, it's hilarious. But I get the feeling that if you don't really love hockey you might not. What do you think?
  4. stringcheese


    Which one of you YOLOing degenerates is going to be the first to order one of these and show it off here? Looks fun.
  5. stringcheese

    "Just kidding" -Tom Brady
  6. stringcheese

    Any writers here?

    Writing is fun. We do a lot of it here, mostly poorly, and pointlessly. The erBB is like an open pickup hockey game for hobby writers. I'm curious if any of you write for work, though. Any pros here? Not specifically novelists, but editors, niche stuff, any type of writing. Edit: my bad, forgot...
  7. stringcheese

    Drive Thru is back!
  8. stringcheese

    Unreal waves for regular humans

    I think I would go
  9. stringcheese

    *** Official Sports Betting Thread***

    Thread to discuss sports betting. Disclaimer: don't play with money you can't afford to lose, don't bet if it is illegal, never bet on the Vikings. I've got the Flames -1.5 against Columbus because Calgary is playing good hockey and the blue jackets suck balls. The over on 6 for ducks leafs...
  10. stringcheese

    Wyve french hexagon thing boards

    Did I miss a post on these? Trippy boards...
  11. stringcheese

    9'1 modern retro longboard I advise against buying this board. Rode a friend's today and it sucks. Has this weird bouncy flex, fights movement in any way but a straight line. I don't think there is a need for this board, it sits between a good 9'0 and a...
  12. stringcheese

    The book of Bob A Feet

    Who's in on this new Disney Star wars series? What do you think of the first episode?
  13. stringcheese

    Slater Tokoro Houdini

    Felt a couple of these up, and though they're intended for people to use in big barrels, I loved the foam distribution. I want to have that in a step up for regular person waves, or as board for the waves here that back off so much before they break but then wall up so you don't want a big fat...
  14. stringcheese

    Urban Fyred

    :waving: later kook! Now that he's gone, the Jaguars are going to win out. Super bowl 2022! ....shoulda kept Minshew...
  15. stringcheese

    What happened to Rusty?

    I know they're still around, but I hardly ever see new rusty boards anymore. They used to be third in sales, behind CI and Lost. Now I see very few. Something change?
  16. stringcheese

    Beautiful Central California

    As I drive around for three hours, cover 100 miles, enjoying the beautiful vistas and the pleasant weather, I can't help but think to myself....God damn this area fvcking sucks to be a surfer in.
  17. stringcheese

    "Alpine descents"

    o_O thanks
  18. stringcheese

    Stringcheese is going to san deigo

    Started driving south and don't feel like stopping. Anyone want to surf tomorrow?
  19. stringcheese

    Nevermind, repost

    Repost. See : bloody nasty greenbush thread
  20. stringcheese

    New Chillis, rarest bird and hot knife

    These weren't easy to find. But many phone calls, help from others, and 5 hours drive without knowing exactly what I would find turned up the exact boards I wanted :) as happy as could be right now, even with the berry tea drink I just discovered is several months expired churning in my stomach...