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    Electric Tripping

    I read an article on the inter webs a few months ago. Thieves are targeting the more remote charging stations, you pull low on juice, hook up your car. They roll up and rob you, make a getaway in their internal combustion conveyance.
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    Chuck Andrus Interview

    Chuck is the man, Dying breed of shaper, still handshaping every board.
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    If you are interested in Dune, there's a documentary that came out about 10 years ago called "Jodorowsky's Dune". Alejandro Jodorowsky is a cult film maker of the most insane kind. If you want to check out his finest works, watch "El Topo" and/or "The Holy Mountain". Anyway, he spent years and...
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    Traction Pad Affecting Magic of New Boar?

    As a shaper, it is funny when you get customer feedback that "The board just feels off, or boggy". Only to find out the traction pad is about 6" above leash plug. Placement matters.
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    Mandy (Nic Cage goes to 11 in this one) Hereditary The Night Comes for Us (EXTREMELY violent) Midsommar
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    Varial foam Article/Ride Reports?

    I'll quit shaping before that happens
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    Surfboard blanks for the east coast

    I will ask him, But, like everyone else right now we're 100% buried. I know he's actually turning away work recently. When are you coming?
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    Surfboard blanks for the east coast

    Greg, do you find Milleniums to be a tad bit on the heavy side? I mean comparing their comparable weights to US?
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    Be sure to copy this

    Hopefully he put the correct 5/8" toe in at least
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    Some more board pron for Wassel

    No, there was a WRV retail store in Haliewa, but it closed several years ago. That's where the connection comes from.
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    Some more board pron for Wassel

    Wassel is 5'8", 200 lbs. And yes, it is a WRV logo. WRV is his board sponsor, they pay for his boards, but he can work with any shaper he wishes. I just have to display the WRV logo prominently on his boards.
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    Random Board thread # 1

    You glass them as you would a reg board. Varial doesn't recommend mixing cloth weights, in other words, if you're going 4 oz. go 4oz. all the way around. f you're going 6 oz, go 6oz all the way around. We typically go double 4 deck, single 4 bottom. If they want it a bit stronger, double 6...
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    Some more board pron for Wassel

    Primarily Pipe and Backdoor, but he rides them all over North Shore. Just try to make good all around boards for powerful waves.......
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    Some more board pron for Wassel

    From 6 1/8", 3 5/16" to 6 1/4" , 3 1/2"
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    Some more board pron for Wassel

    8'0" x 20" x 2 15/16" 47.57 8'3" x 20 1/4" x 3" 50.84 8'6" x 20 1/2" x 3" 52.26
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    Random Board thread # 1

    One thing I've discovered is if you're a lighter guy (up to around 150 or so) It sometimes helps to drop down 1/16" in thickness. This will facilitate the flex properties.....when I first started making Varials, i did a few for lighter guys at their "regular" dims, and the blanks seemed too...
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    Random Board thread # 1

    Well, Varial aside, you'll be stocked. Kash is good!
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    Random Board thread # 1

    They recently quit stocking blanks on Oahu, and cut their selection of blanks down from 6 to 2.
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    Random Board thread # 1

    There's no out gassing at all. The foam is extremely tight cell and shapes very crisp. I've never experienced any headaches. The smell everyone complains about smells exactly like denatured alcohol to me. Resin smells 10 times worse to me . The other good thing is if you get a ding the foam...