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  1. grapedrink

    About those wuhan biolab leak theories…

    Because orange man bad!
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    Bugmen will eat bugs

    A brand new strip mall went in a few years ago in Santa Maria CA (Santa Barbara County). Lots of trendy quick service restaurants went in, as expected, but they even built a brand new Cracker Barrel. I'm still scratching my head about that one :unsure: FTR I've never eaten at one.
  3. grapedrink

    Fav hot sauce's?

    Good to have on hand, does wonders with mediocre Chinese takeout. Also, try cooking salmon in it with some spread over the top as well :beer:
  4. grapedrink

    Mental Health thread

    IMO therapist guided psychedelic treatment holds the most potential for this.
  5. grapedrink

    Good guy with a gun?

    Seems like the owner has some kind of training just by the way he kept his cool and then by how he handled it :drowning: "Why are you guys wearing masks like that?" "Can you guys just leave" "Ok, can I at least keep the coins, I need those" :roflmao: Then the perp, "I'm dead! I'm dead , . ...
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    Bugmen will eat bugs

    Add what is considered "an extraordinary successful evacuation" to that list :drowning:
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    Britney Griner gets 9 years…

    9 year prison sentence = 10 day wait for evacuation Yeah, totally valid comparison
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    Bugmen will eat bugs

    There’s a entire cottage industry built around homelessness. Contractors that grift the housing funds and never build anything. Liquor stores. Grocery stores in downtown areas that collect the food stamps. Non profits who’s funding is based on homelessness being a problem. The list goes on.
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    Bugmen will eat bugs

    Didn't hobo have a traveling or drifter element do it :unsure:
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    Political Meme Thread

    How awesome is that :beer:
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    Bugmen will eat bugs

    It's not evolution, it's the opposite. Especially when a word is changed specifically for political gain.
  12. grapedrink

    Lake Mead water ... What will California do when it's gone??

    Tough call. I feel like stuff will go down the drain either way so you may as well have one to grind it up. Then again, people are dumb and often try to grind up raw cabbage and other stuff that will never break down. Broken glass will also kill one instantly. Maybe write into the lease that if...
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    Clown World Today

    I cut myself :(
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    Bugmen will eat bugs

  15. grapedrink

    Can we talk about that jobs report?

    I get that there are broader effects. However when I look at those who were financially stable during the housing crisis (I wasn't, lol) a lot of them lived just fine and some made out like bandits because they were able to buy houses, stonks etc during opportune times. Lots of millionaires are...
  16. grapedrink

    Bugmen will eat bugs

    Every person and group has a right to say how people should refer to them. However they don't have the right to demand that other people refer to themselves in a certain way just to make a a 1/200 minority feel better about themselves. They especially don't have the right to demand that we...
  17. grapedrink

    Bugmen will eat bugs

    And where did I say that the Right is some kind of example of free speech values :unsure: :roflmao: "Both sides" only care about protecting the speech that they like, whereas I'm pretty much an absolutist about it. In a free speech society, good and better speech will always rise to the top...
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    Bugmen will eat bugs

    not my job. Everybody deserves a basic level of human respect but it’s not my responsibility to refer to myself in an obvious and asinine manner to make you feel better about yourself. I wouldn’t know because I don’t watch Fox News. Either way I will always take the side of free speech and more...
  19. grapedrink

    Bugmen will eat bugs

    because stupid social contagions like this should be mocked, relentlessly. It makes society better when there are checks and balances. Especially since there is a sizable ilk that refuses to even discuss the merits of it (because there arent any) and calls you transphobic for even questioning it...
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    Bugmen will eat bugs

    You're thinking too small. Beyond that, gig work is a great way to earn some cash while you go to school to pick up marketable skills. I wish it was around when I was in grad school, it would've helped me out big time. I agree. Yet we still have more people trying to move to the US than any...