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    Fark I want that, and the deal is criminal. But im broke as a joke after a month in the tropics . Someone will be stoked
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    Album Surfboards

    I spontaneous ordered a Ledge Twin after you posted yours a while back. One of my all time favorite boards. Very interested to hear about how it compares to your moonstone RP!
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    Album Surfboards

    It's a wider/fishier insanity twin. Wingless rp.
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    Album Surfboards

    Update on my 5'11 punksanity xtr 8.0 Holy titas this thing is fun... Waves- lonnnnnng left tropical point. Not as walled as it normally is (weird full moon tide)-- but consistent chest-overhead waves with some pacific power. Fast. Another lonnnng left point--same conditions but a bit slower...
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    I saw one of these in Real and want one bad. Such a cool shape with some weird rails, someone will be stoked
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    I don't believe in grovelers COME AT ME

    Wow, people consider Bobby's wave groveling?? You could ride anything in a waist-chest walled glassy wave like that. Southern NC groveling (90% of our waves) must equate to west coast unridable. Benny B's wave--- in my hometown--- that was what we consider a fun as fug - great day.
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    Album Surfboards

    The 5'8 prototype.... lawd that looks fun. 1350 for pu with a 1400 cabron above it is preposterous to me though
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    Biden Inflation Explosion

    I just don't get why the inflation is so bad?? It's not like the 2020-21 government recently gave almost a trillion dollars to businesses that didn't have to show economic hardship... It's not like the government gave almost a trillion dollarsi n cash to citizens whether they needed it or...
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    Gov. Abbott hurting farmers, making inflation worse, and exacerbating supply chain problems.

    I think ramping up physically forcing them back would just be ugly and not in the american spirit. Let the lack of jobs do that. My analogy: If dogshit (jobs that will employ undocs) is in your backyard you can keep trying to spray for flies (undocs), but why waste all that money on spray when...
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    Gov. Abbott hurting farmers, making inflation worse, and exacerbating supply chain problems.

    I'm not against securing the border, but I think it'd be a helluva lot more effective to do job site inspections to check for legal work status at food processing facilities, residential/commercial construction sites, landscaping etc. . "You don't have papers or a ss/tin#? No problem! Keep...
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    Album Surfboards

    God I wish every company did rocker shots. That was much needed j-mac, Thanks. Descriptions are getting a bit whack in the industry... "This is Thrasher's favorite twin" "This is Thrasher's staple twin he takes everywhere" "This is Thrasher's newest twin" "This is Thrasher's highest performing...
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    Real watersports just stocked some serious sessy boards
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    Help me pick a new boar(s)

    CFT medium buzzsaw that I had felt damp and had no issues with chop or being too buoyant. I had an oversized no friends... and that had all the issues people complain about with eps, but I also think it was more to do with sooo much foam in such a short board. Would love another no friends 4-5...
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    Help me pick a new boar(s)

    This. This. This. I'd 1000% go stretch over varial. Especially in the NE. Hard offshore wind- never had an issue with cft NE can get heavy. I'd want a stringer. CFT is strong as hell and will last years. Buy nice or buy twice. Also in your case if your wanting a single Swiss army knife, then...
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    Album Surfboards

    My wingless rp insanity twin is t!ts. It's small wave tuned (wider nose and tail) and probably 2-3liters more than necessary, but fug a crowd. I just started figuring out it wants to be surfed a little more aggressively---not necessarily more spastic/more turns, but the harder you push thru...
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    Album Surfboards

    Where'd they announce that?
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    Taking a stand against T-shirts -- Liberalism in action

    I don't think I've ever met a mostly rational person wearing a political shirt. But good God, i saw a Boston Whaler 350 outrage completely wrapped in Trump back in summer 2020. I literally can't imagine how that guy felt about that decision...
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    Board Bags?

    Ocean Earth all day. I have a coffin from 2007 that still going strong, all zippers glide fine, the only thing that has gone bad are the exterior straps that squeeze the bag tighter--- they dry rotted and have ripped off along with the handle /strap but getting new ones sewn on as the actual bag...
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    Favorite flat or low arch traction pads?

    I have a 16" Hammer arch bar that I really like. It feels just like old x-trak and freak pads, soft and grippy, and cheap
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    Idea for a EC Winter Barrel Board

    Agreed its not the most turn friendly board unless on a big open wally point break, then you can certainly find a carvey flow. But for east coast---gets in early, solid as a dock in the barrel, drives fast as fug down the line, and kick out. Maybe a big cutty but it's definitely not meant to...